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if your LO wears a uniform for school

My kids go to 5 day a week pre-k which requires uniforms. I have a boy & a girl and have to figure out how many to order--- they can both wear the same shirts (same style & size) but she can wear jumpers/dresses etc too with whatever shirt we want under them. They both can wear whatever bottoms from other stores (leggings,khakis etc) so I'm not worried about the bottoms.

Right now I have 3 jumpers/dresses for her
Between them I have 4 short sleeved shirts, and I think 5-6 long sleeved and I also got him a sweatshirt.

I feel like I need to play it out to figure out what else I need & will probably have to do extra wash in hte beginning if the numbers don't work out right. I know in winter he will probably be wearing the long sleeved ones every day and so if I don't want to do wash mid-week I will probably have to get a couple more of those...

Any advice if you've done this? I think I am struggling since I'm buying for 2 simultaneously and they're different genders but some of the clothes can cross over b/w the two of them...

Re: if your LO wears a uniform for school

  • My DS wore a uniform shirt for preschool. I had one shirt when we started (T/Th) and I would do laundry on Wednesday. The next year, I had three shirts.

    I think you have plenty.

  • We have 2 red shirts (wears M-W) and 1 white (Thursday) and 1 spirit shirt (Friday) and 3 shorts.  So I wash on Tuesday and we make it through the week.  He has one extra outfit in his bag, but I got used for that. 

    Since you can do any shorts/jumpers, then I would get get enough tops to only have to do a wash once a week. 

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  • DD wears uniforms 5 days a week. I started out with 5 shirts, but bought more for those freak weekends when we are out and about and the laundry just doesn't get done. I have 3 long sleeved shirts for winter, as she can wear whatever long sleeved t she wants under the short-sleeved ones.
  • I think you need at least 7 short sleeve- her 3 jumper days plus the 2 days she wears something else and his week of uniforms. The same applies for cold weather. My son wears a uniform and I have 6 short sleeved, 5 long and 3 sweaters and a fleece. He is still the same size as last year so I did not buy any yet. I think having enough for a week and a day gives me a peace of mind as a working mom.
    I also iron/prepare his clothes for the week and put them out on Sunday night. That way I always know that I have a uniform ready.
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  • Thanks!!!! She can wear any shirts or leggings under the jumpers (any color, etc) so I'm not counting those days for shirts, she would only wear the uniform shirt w/ a skirt or pants...I am hoping to at least get through the first couple weeks and figure it out lol. the short sleeved/long sleeved thing is getting me though lol
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