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nail biting

My 4yo DD has been biting her nails recently. It broke my heart yesterday when I looked closely and saw just how low she had bitten them. I told her that when she lets them get nice and long we'll go to the spa for a manicure, but any tips for helping along the way? Has anyone tried the bitter stuff to put on nails?
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Re: nail biting

  • DD started doing that recently.  It's an improvement over her last nervous habit, which was nose picking, so I guess I'm happy about that.  I don't know, unless she's actually hurting herself, like making herself bleed, I'm not worried.  I would be interested to see what everyone else says though...
  • there is a Berenstain Bears book that talks about nail biting. I think its called the Berenstain Bears and the bad habit
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  • My son did this for 7 months last year before and once he started PreK. He just started to do it again :( So many days he bit them down to blood. I hate it. It's dirty and he gets very very sore fingers. Not much worked for us. I would sometimes give him something to hold instead so his hands were busy, or have him put his hands in his pockets.
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    My DD1 went through a phase of picking her fingernails and toenails down to the nub that, thankfully, seems to have passed. ::crosses fingers:: I'd put bandaids on when they were really bad, and I told her I couldn't paint her nails until they were a little longer. She loves getting her nails painted, so that was motivating. When she would leave one of them alone for a few days, I'd go overboard congratulating her. 

    I also showed her how to use a nail file and offered her one when she was picking at them, and offered to clip them whenever she needed/wanted. Once she backed off a little, I made a huge deal about painting her nails and how nice they look. 

    I picked my nails for years & years and it's a super hard habit to break. My sister to this day has nubbins for nails, her habit is so bad. I was so sad when DD1 started. 

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