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New to Oregon and Expecting

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My husband and I just moved to Oregon a little over a month ago.  We are expecting our first child in September.  Anyone else due around this time? I am hoping to find a group of parents with children (preferably ones with children who will be around our daughters age) though not limited to this.  I would love to make friends and be able to make play dates for my daughter.  I will be a full time mother at first who may and may not go back to work.  

We moved here from VA and are transitioning from military life to civilian life.  I am looking to find and make some new friends and build a new support network.  I am also looking for some suggestions about things to do here.  I have found some things I can do like the zoo and what not.  Hiking will have to wait :( completely bummed over this.  What are some great fun family things to do especially with an infant?  I am also looking for fun family things we can do not only with our infant but our dog as well.  Suggestions for one or both scenarios would be great.  We live just inside Beaverton and just outside of Hillsboro.  I don't' know enough about OR to know what district or section or OR we are considered in.  My husband works in Hillsboro and I think we would like to try to stay close to where he works.  Though next year we are looking to hopefully buy and are also wondering what some great areas to live in are, with good schools.  We aren't entirely sure if we will be sending our child to public school or if we will be homeschooling.  Any homeschooling moms that could give some insight on how homeschooling works here and what your opinions are etc would be appreciated.

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  • Welcome to PDX!  A great way to get hooked up with other new Moms is to attend some of the New Mom Groups in the area.  There are many to choose from and some groups get very specific.  I have been using PDX Kids Calendar or Metro Parent to find out about get togethers.

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  • Thank you for your response and your warm welcome :D  I have tried looking up mom meet up groups.  The one I found in Beaverton has something like fourteen or seventeen moms in it but they are NOT accepting any new moms.  Which is odd since other groups have well past their number of moms in their groups.  This group was supposed to be for stay at home moms other groups seem to be working moms.  I will have to look up PDX Kids Calendar and Metro Parent and see what I can find out about get togethers.  I didn't know about these resources so this is great!
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  • Okay this is going to be a stupid question but what is PDX?  I assume P stand for Portland.
  • Hey, I am in a group on Facebook called Beaverton Moms. We really enjoy it.  BTW, you don't have to live in Beaverton. A lot of us are in Hillsboro, Aloha and Tigard as well.
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  • I forgot to mention Urban Mamas!  That site is another great resource.
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  • Hi there, we moved to NW Portland (near Beaverton) 3 years ago from the East Coast and I joined M.O.M.S. Club (it's an international organization with chapters everywhere). There are at least 2 chapters in Beaverton that I know of (if you google it, you can find them). Anyways, M.O.M.S. club was a Godsend for me when we first got here--it helped me meet other moms in my area with kids the same age as mine, and since they run get togethers all over the place, it really helped me to get to know the area. Good luck!
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  • I'm due with our first (a boy) at the end of August - we are always looking for new people to meet and hang out with. We live in Beaverton/Aloha.

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  • I don't live very close to you, but I have been homeschooling for almost 20years.  Would be happy to answer questions.
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