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Is anyone else suffering from headaches? I've had one on and off for the past four days and now it's traveled to the back of my head. My dr told me to take Tylenol whoh does nothing so I'm left to suffer in bed w am ice pack! Anyone else going through this?

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  • Yes! My nausea is finally subsiding and being replaced by pounding migraines (which I more than prefer over puking lol) but really, it's intense and I don't like taking so much Tylenol
  • Yes! I know exactly what u mean about nausea! Hope u feel better soon!
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  • Same here. I have a history of migraines so I was worried about getting headaches when pregnant since the only thing I can take it Tylenol which doesn't really help.
    I actually have had them pretty much since we found out I was pregnant but they are getting A LOT better now.
    One episode of a really bad migraine the other week was horrible. Sleep and a cold compress was the only thing that helped a little.
    Hopefully yours ease up and are tolerable.
    Cold compresses always helps me, the colder the better :)
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  • Yes, mark me down for a headache everyday. I prefer it over nausea though

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  • I've always had a lot of headaches, but didn't have any when I was pregnant with DD.  This time I've been getting them all the time since the very beginning.  I usually have one 4 or 5 days out of the week.  It's miserable.  I'm hoping they stop soon.

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  • I've been getting a headache everyday for the past 4ish days too.  I don't take anything for it.  I try to drink more water and that usually helps.  The good thing is that they are usually at the end of the work day and I can usually go to bed early when I get home.
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  • I always get a three day migraine every month.  They are awful!  This week it actually lasted four days.  The only thing that helps me is Excedrin Tension Headache (all it is Tylenol and caffeine) and then I always drink any extra dose of caffeine.  Soda, coffee what ever your poison is.  This is the only remedy I can use to keep me standing and being able to take care of my little girls.  It is completely safe for us to take so I would highly recommend trying it to give yourself some relief.
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  • I've had a headache on and off for nearly a month now.  Tylenol helps for a little bit and then it just comes back.  Ugh.
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  • Someone on a previous post said something about eating 2 spoons of peanut butter for headaches.  I've been trying that and I can't swear by it, but I think it might help a bit.  I get a few headaches a week, usually tied to shoulder tension and/or TMJ... can't take muscle relaxants so I'm just drinking water and eating the peanut butter, and resting.
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  • The only thing that helps me is taking Tylenol with a can of coke.
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  • This happened with me week 9. I was able to stop Zofran and had the headache replace nausea for 4 days... Then a constant stomach ache replaced the headache. It will pass! Tylenol did nothing for me either, ice pack helped a little. Hope you make a transition soon!
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