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another ? about bday parties

Thanks to everyone who responded to my previous post - your responses are very helpful!

I have another question. If people didn't RSVP, do you include them in the count for favor bags, food, etc. just in case they show up? I've followed up with most people, but some of them still haven't responded to me and others I don't have their contact info (they're DD's school friends).


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Re: another ? about bday parties

  • I Would for the favors and kites because it would ruin my day to see one of my short guests crying because I hadn't counted on them.  And since you're serving cupcakes, I'd probably make enough for 2/3 of the non rsvps.  Likely they won't come.  If it's a party I can't make I always respond, but I also always forget about it.  So odds are they won't come.  But it would be embarrassing if they did- lol!

    If you really want to be happy, no one can stop you.

  • I make enough for about half the non-RSVPers.  Also if you do not want alot of cupcakes left send them home in cups.  They transport very easy that way. 

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  • I always just made one or two extra favors and never had to use them.

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