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CPW: How often do you and your SO DTD?

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Haven't asked this question in a while, and I'm curious to see if we have more active or less active sex lives now that are kids are a little older!
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CPW: How often do you and your SO DTD? 44 votes

every day
0% 0 votes
3-4 times per week
13% 6 votes
once per week
54% 24 votes
1-2 times per month
20% 9 votes
a few times per year
9% 4 votes
sex? what's sex?
2% 1 vote

Re: CPW: How often do you and your SO DTD?

  • It's every couple of days. We're horn dogs. 


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  • It was once a week or so, until this drought caused by a lack of bedroom. 
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