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BathTime issues?

Anyone else having issue with their toddler while trying to give them a bath? It seems to be a fight every time while she is in the tub. She use to love it... Not sure why it changed. She's only a 1 1/2.... So tired.

Re: BathTime issues?

  • Yes DS used to love baths and then randomly started hating them. I got him some foam bath toys that stick to the walls and tub and now he loves them again. He also likes the bath crayons!
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  • DD went through about a month of screaming in the tub when she had loved it up until that point. For DD I think it's because she keeps trying to stand in the tub and she gets mad when we make her sit in it. It's a control thing. I bought her a new bath toy recently (it's actually a sand sifter, it has a spinning wheel for when the sand goes through, bought at dollar store), and since she's had that in there she's suddenly been cooperative and liking the bath up until I wash her hair.

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  • DD hated baths, until we only put like an inch and a half of water in and left the tap running a bit for her to play in with a cup... now we can hardly get her out of the tub!

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