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a vent. . . (babysitter related)

I just need to vent.  My H has trust issues and we've never had a non-family babysitter besides or daycare provider who we love.

This weekend we both have commitments (today actually).  My parents are out of town and his parents are not options.  My BIL is our normal babysitter, but he hurt his back so we had to find someone.  I suggested the wife of someone I work with (who also works in my school district), but she' not family so my H didn't want it.  He suggested calling our sitter to see if she would, but I shot that down.  She watches kids all week and deserves the weekend off. So,  H last minute arranged for our 18yo nephew to watch LO (which is fine, I guess, he's good with kids and I do trust him).  However he lives 30 mins away and on the way to our house, he stopped for gas and realized he'd forgotten his wallet and now is waiting for his dad to bring him his wallet so he can pay.  I called my BIL (who was going to be here anyways for part of the time, but can't pick up LO or move fast due to his back) to see if he could get here earlier just in case nephew doesn't get here and it sounded like I woke him up but he "supposed he could get here."

I'm supposed to get picked up for my car pool is 30 minutes and I've not even sure someone will here to watch LO.  ARGGGG!!!  This would be so easier if my friend had watched him!  H needs to get over his qualms- honestly sometimes I'd prefer a non-family babysitter than his family who parents very differently than we do.  (Not my BIL- the other siblings)

Thanks for letting me vent.

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Re: a vent. . . (babysitter related)

  • That sounds extremely frustrating.  Hopefully everyone got there on time! 

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  • That is frustrating. Maybe if your DH met this person he'd feel better about letting her take care of your LO? I know that won't work in this situation, but for the future.

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  • That's very frustrating! Has he met the friend? If he has, what's his hang up?
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