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XP: Intro and Travel Question

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I've been lurking around The Bump for a while and now its time for me to come out of lurkdom. My husband and I have been married for just over 3 years and have a baby girl who will be 6 weeks on Friday.


We live in South Africa and will be flying to the Netherlands in September for a two week visit.  The flight is almost 11 hours and LO will be 4 months old at the time of the trip. Now, for my question - has anyone taken similar trips with LOs and have some tips or things we have to keep in mind?



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  • I flew 19 hours with dd at that age as a lap baby and it was fine

    I actually brought a pillow from my bed, and had her lay on that cause she hated the bassinet. Worth still getting the bulkhead seats though, as you have a lot more space

    I'd recommend bringing a baby carried with you on the plane, in case you end up walking a lot during the flight - but I also used mine through the airport instead of bringing a stroller.

     bring lots of clothes for dc and for yourself in case of blowouts, etc. I also brought enough spare diapers, clothes, etc in case we got a forced layover for a day or so - just in case!

    GL - this is the easiest age to fly

  • ccip82ccip82 member

    Welcome! Another rec for the bulkhead row. When DD was around that age, she slept fine in the bassinets and it made the long flights so much easier. Like pp said, even if she does not end up liking the bassinet, you still have more leg room.

    I also recommend bringing DD in a baby carrier like an ergo. It makes it a lot easier than lugging around the stroller through the airport.

    When DH and I fly now with DD, he wears her in a backpack carrier and my carry on is a back pack and sometimes a small rolling suitcase.

    On a recent trip to Germany, the airline lost our luggage so I definitely recommend having some extra baby gear in your carry on.

    Here is what I usually pack for DD.

    -One diaper for every 2 hours of travel time

    -nursing cover

    - 2 extra outfits (when my DD was younger I found the zip sleep n plays the easiest thing to wear for travel

    -Ziploc bag/diaper travel trash bags for wet/poopy diapers or for clothes after a blowout (DD has had blowouts on planes before...)

    -a couple clip on stroller toys that attach right to my backpack

    -wipes, 2 oz bottle of travel hand sanitizer, infant tylenol

    - 2 empty sippy cup/bottles (you can fill it with water after going through security)

    -a bib, pacifier (DD doesn't really use it, but I have it incase her ears start bothering her)

    -ipad (we just starting using this as DD got older-probably too young for your DD)


    -travel changing pad

    - her favorite stuffed animal

    There is probably more I am forgetting! GL on the flights. I agree with pp, the younger the baby, the easier it is to travel with them.




    sibling love  

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  • JBMomJBMom member
    Great! Thank you for all the tips :)
  • Hi! No flying experience yet, but I'm in SA as well and I'll be flying with LO around the same age in November (though flying all the way to the States, so it'll be 11 hours + 7 hours flying total). 

     Whereabouts are you?  

    Cape Town, South Africa Pregnancy Ticker
  • JBMomJBMom member
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    @Potato_Pie: I'm in Pretoria. I've done the flight to the States a few times - Good Luck!

    @Wordsmith226: Thanx, I've added a change of clothes for myself and DH to the list to pack. I really hope DD stays on schedule, kind of, because we flaying during the night and she is usually a good sleeper so hoping we won't have too much drama :)
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