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A breath of fresh air....

I have to share...I have been hoping for a VBAC since the birth of DS 2 years ago. Since this pregnancy, my current ob/gyn has been wishy/washy is saying yes or no. The hospital does do them, but they kept saying "We will see how big we think baby will be" DS was 9lb12oz born at 39 weeks. 

I finally decided I needed a second opinion. Went to a different ob/midwife group today at another hospital about 30 minutes away, and they were SO SUPPORTIVE off the bat! They do frequent vbacs. The midwives manage your labor, but ob is there 24/7 for any complications. They said, which I know, there is no reason not to attempt a VBAC for a possibly "big" baby! 

I am beyond thrilled that, at 30 weeks, I decided to finally get that second opinion and I now have total support in my trial of labor! It is a little scary to switch so late out of my comfort zone and dr's I know as well as a hospital 30min vs 5 minaway, and I know I won't meet all the possible midwives who could be there during labor....I was also worried I would be conflicted about whether or not to switch....but after todays appointment I just knew in my heart 100% what the best choice for me is! 

I am so excited and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Sorry this was so long but thanks for letting me share! 
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Re: A breath of fresh air....

  • That's wonderful.  Good luck to you.
  • Fantastic! So glad you found a truly supportive provider!
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  • Congratulations! So happy for you that you found a supportive group. i was really stressed before getting a  second opinion as well, but our local hospital doesn't perform VBACs, so it was my only choice. We are traveling 2 hours away, but every single person we have talked to at the new practice (5 different DR, a midwife the reception team, and the nurses at the maternity ward) were all very supportive. It really is amazing what a difference it has on you being met with quick and undoubting support and confidence rather than maybes/- best of luck to you!
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  • A supportive Provider makes a huge difference! From day one, my OB's were on board and kept encouraging me to stick with it.
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