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Hi all! I'm Katie. I spent a lot of time on thebump when I was pregnant and when DS was small, but I haven't been on in a very long time.

DH and I have always talked about having 2 kids -- well, no more than 2. My pregnancy was without complication, maybe some nausea, but nothing remarkable. But I really really did not enjoy being pregnant. I thought I would glow. Instead, I had no desire to do it again and 3 months in started looking up pros of singletons. There really are a lot of perks to having (and being) and only child. I have a sister who is 10 years younger than me, so I did a lot of growing up with no sibling around; DH has a sister who is 18 months older, and they are close. I thought I would have a difficult time convincing DH to have one, but he got on board surprisingly quick. My delivery was med-free (and yes, I remember the pain; it's a deterrent to having another, lol), and I ended up with a post-partum hemorrhage that I think scared the crap out of DH. I don't think I fully understood what was happening right then, although in the after it has made me seriously question ever having another even if I was to accidentally get pregnant (what would happen to DS if I should die in childbirth?). Maybe we all would have been unphased in a hospital, but we were in a birth center where it was treated very much like a crisis.

DS is amazing. He is my light everyday. I cannot imagine our family any different than it is. As I said in a recent post, I did have a few months there where I thought about and wanted a second. But the question that seems to always pop up is: do you feel your family is incomplete? And I don't. Even in those moments where I want another baby, it's a BABY that I want, to experience that phase again; but I can't actually picture us as a family of 4. And so yes, we are done. The grandparents have stopped asking when a second is coming along. In some ways, that PP hemorrhage was a blessing because that is the reason that they can understand for why I don't want another.

I'm very excited to have found this board. I never really thought OAD was a thing until I joined a local mom's group. And almost everyone has or is working on their second (or third or fourth...) child. And sometimes the squishy babies get to me, but then DS wants to be held and I have my arms free to do that. I will always have my arms free for him :-)
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