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My bf wants to name the baby....

Nova..... I would like it as a middle name but as a first name. Ugh why did I give him naming power if we had a boy?!?!?!?

Re: My bf wants to name the baby....

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    Why did he pick nova? I like the name but I'm with you on it being a middle name.
    I gave DH naming power over the boys' names too and I'm not too thrilled over his choice either :/
  • It reminds me of the PBS science show NOVA! I never thought of it as a name.
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  • Lol Tell him to run that by us and see the responses he gets, he might change his mind :)

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  • I had a beta fish named Nova as a teenager.
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  • Hahaha yeah he just came up with it today.... I was all "like super nova?"
  • Aw, actually I love it but for sentimental reasons. It was the name of one of my patients that passed away.
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  • There's a superhero named Nova. That's what I immediately thought of.
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  • I like it...for a girl.
    I've met one little girl with that name.
  • I know a girl named Nova, and I always thought it was kind of cool. It's also the name of a female character in a video game. I think because of these two associations I always think of it for a girl and not for a boy. 
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  • Oh wait, it is for a boy? No, I don't like then. I was thinking it was for a girl for some reason.
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  • Yeah it's a boy. And he is a huge superhero nerd so I suspect that had something to do with it. Either way I hope he changes his mind. Anyone else's SO have terrible name ideas?
  • Have him name the baby Lex or Stan Lee if he's a superhero nerd, not Nova for a boy.
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  • Chevy Nova...that's all I think of.
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  • I sometimes work for life touch photography and at a school I went to there was a little boy named Rave. I thought it was neat. His cousin was named gage. They were a bit of a strange family but I kinda liked their names.

    But nova just seems a little strange for a boy.


  • Hopefully one of his friends will tell him it is a bad choice.
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  • I like the name Nova, but for a girl...
  • My niece is Charlee suits her. I think it would depend on the first or mn if used for a boy.
  • I let my SO choose our boys name, but I have him a list of names I liked to choose from!
  • Don't let him do it!
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  • You gave him naming rights? Did you sign any legal documents for this? ;)

    Tell him you changed your mind and Nova's out. Seems easy enough.
  • You relinquished all naming rights? No veto power? Sorry, girl, but not sure this was a well thought out decision, lol!

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  • All I can think of is nova lox.... Which makes me want some on a bagel with cream cheese. Not my first choice of name.

    DH wanted to name LO Melvin if she was a boy. Noooooooo.
  • I actually like it, IF it were for a girl. Not a boy. But I agree with everyone else.. Chevy Nova, the PBS show...
  • Sounds like a girls name. Veto!
  • The is a girl on 16 and pregnant who named her daughter Nova?!?!? I would just tell him No-va. Sorry bad pun could not resist. It's just not a boy name and not even that great of a girl name.

    My husband wanted to name our baby Briceson if it was a boy but it always made me think of Bison and my husband had facial hair in 6th grade so the hairy jokes would just write themselves!

    Thank god we are having a girl! He actually picked her name which is Josie but I love it!


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  • No espically for a boy. It a girls name not a good one but a girls name for sure.
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