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VBAC success

Theodore Alastair was born on 7/24 at 38 weeks, labor started at 3:28 am and he was born at 11:46pm.  With DD I was in labor for three days so giving birth the same day I was in labor alone was a huge success. with DD I ended up with the c-section after getting to 10 cm dilated on pitocin with no pain meds but she was in distress and failed to descend after 3 attempts with a vacuum and an episiotomy.  This time when my OB checked me in her office I was 5 cm dilated but the contractions weren't that strong, she suggested that I walk and do lunges and squats for 2 hours before checking into the hospital.  When we did my 6-7 cm  dilated and my contractions were very strong.  At that point I opted for the epidural because I was so exhausted and falling asleep.  I slept for a good 1.5 hours before the pressure on my back was so strong that DH needed to apply counter pressure.  Next thing my OB was asking if I wanted to push because I was ready, 2 contractions later Theo entered the world at 6 lbs 14 oz. I am still in awe that I am a VBAC success, even though I planned on no painmeds I recognized that it was necessary for me if this were to be a success.
IUI#1= DD born 1.5.2011
IUI #4 BFP EDD 5.5.2012 m/c 10/1/2012
Surprise! BFP 12/4/12 EDD 8/8/2012
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