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Placenta Encapsulation

Following my first pregnancy 3 years ago, I met another mother who had encapsulated her placenta and seemed to be benefiting greatly with an overproduction of milk and loads of energy.  I failed to get any contact information but am now seriously considering it and wondered if anyone has done it and, more importantly, looking for a referral to someone in the area, Vancouver, WA or PDX area who performs this service.  Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • A few gals at Vivante Midwifery perform the service. I believe they charged $250 with some sliding fee scale if that provided a hardship.


  • Thank you.
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  • My doula is providing this for me for 150. She's in midwifery school currently. Lives in North Portland. Yuliya Yablakova
  • Thank you so much for these resource. I am so interested in this and would love to look further into it. Thanks Mommies!
  • I had mine done by Amy at   I highly recommend her. 


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  • I used and loved her! She was super sweet and is also a doula. I think we paid $150 or 175? She does an honor system sliding scale.
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  • Sol botanicals does placenta encapsulation for around $100-150 down in Eugene. For any moms south of Portland.
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