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First ultrasound

My first ultrasound got moved up to Friday. I'm so excited! My husband had to travel during my original appt and I got an earlier appt. Has anyone had theirs yet? I will be around 7 weeks 1 day. We are hoping to hear a heart beat. Can't wait to see our rainbow baby :)

Re: First ultrasound

  • We have ours on Wednesday for dating purposes.  I can't wait to see the little nugget.  I know there isn't much to see, but I'm still a bit in denial, so I'm just excited.  I'm waiting to tell a few more ppl until after.
  • I had mine last Friday when I was 6w1d and we saw the hb! It was measurable at 111, the tech said that was good because of how early we are. Good luck to you! I pray that this week goes quickly for you!
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  • Our third ultrasound is this Friday. Since we went through IVF we have more appointments. There's not much to see but it's still exciting and amazing!! We found out last week that we are having identical twins. We will be 7 weeks this week Thursday. Happy ultrasound!!
  • Mine is on Wednesday. I'll be 7w1d, too.

  • Congrats on great ultrasounds for some of you! So exciting! This is our first baby, and we were ttc 13 months. This week needs to fly by :)
  • Congrats! I'm jealous my appt isn't until Sept 12 and I will be 9 weeks then.


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