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I just found out that I may have an opportunity to relocate to the DFW area for work from Minnesota. Currently, I have 2 kids that would be enrolled in school full time but I would need someone to watch them before and after school. I was trying to locate average costs of care, however I came up empty handed. Are any of you able to shed some light as to what I can expect to pay weekly for 2 kids before and after school?

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  • If you moved to Dallas I could refer you to some great high schoolers. I own a gelato shop in Dallas & hire a lot of teenagers :) pay would depend on if you hire highschool or college. Minimum wage in Texas is $7.25. If hiring highschoolers that is all you need to pay as you can get a college student for slightly more around $8. Of course highschool is cheaper but best to go off referrals. Nannys charge anywhere btwn $10-13/hr. on
    A side note: if you need a realtor my husband is one :) He can also give you a lot of feeback on schools too. www.shaunwalding.com or email him at [email protected]
    Good luck!
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