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Second Trimester/Weight Gain

First of all, I am officially fourteen weeks today=) (Never mind the ticker, can't get the stupid thing to work right).

Second, I am freaking out about my weight gain! I have gained 7 pounds since I found out I was pregnant at four weeks. I read that you are supposed to gain between one and five pounds in the first trimester and when you are in the second trimester about a pound a week. Does that sound right? Does seven pounds at fourteen weeks sound right? I am seriously freaking out, haha! I want to easily go back to normal after baby!

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Re: Second Trimester/Weight Gain

  • I wouldn't worry. I gained about 7-8 lbs myself and I am 12 weeks.
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  • I gained alot with my daughter. I will not repeat that tragedy this time lol. I am on track to gain 25 at the most this time. I am working out and am on a nutritional plan with my doula and midwife. I don't know what "normal" is and won't try to guess since that will inevitably offend someone
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  • lrj85 said:
    I gained alot with my daughter. I will not repeat that tragedy this time lol. I am on track to gain 25 at the most this time. I am working out and am on a nutritional plan with my doula and midwife. I don't know what "normal" is and won't try to guess since that will inevitably offend someone
    Haha! So easy to offend people around here. I make the smallest remark and someone comes back with some bitchy comment. I just ignore them. Not worth trying to explain myself.

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  • I'm 13 weeks and haven't gained any weight which bothers me a little. My doctor doesn't seem concerned so I guess I shouldn't be. I wouldn't imagine you wouldnt need to be concerned about the weight gain. I'm sure it will all level out in the end.
  • I gained 55 pounds with my son, which I delivered at 37 weeks. I lost all of that weight, but it was hard. Very hard! I am hoping not to gain that much this time around. My friend gained 25 pounds and 2 years later, she has only lost 10 pounds. I think weight loss is hard, no matter how much it is. After the baby, odds are you are going to have some weight to lose to return to your pre-pregnancy weight, regardless of how much you gained.

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  • I had my 12 week appt this past monday and gained 1 pound during first trimester. She stated that was completely ok. When I asked about how much I should gain, she stated that everyone gains different amounts based on what weight you start. She said that I should increase my normal intake by 350-500 calories during second trimester 450-500 calories during third trimester. So, a little less than 1 pound per week sounds about right from now on.
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  • I was also told approx 5 in the first trimester and then 1/2-1 a week after that. The issue is, all the debate about when the second trimester starts haha, but let's say it's 12 weeks. Then 7 pounds would be right on target for Week 14 :) 

    Either way, I don't think a 2 pound difference is bad. Just make sure you are making most healthy choices on your food and try to exercise a few times a week. 

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  • I haven't been weighing myself at home, so I only find out how much I am gaining once a month.  I am just eating when hungry and trying to eat somewhat healthy.  I think if you avoid the thinking that you can eat all and everything you want since you are pregnant you will gain weight appropriately.  

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    I'm almost 13 weeks (12 weeks, 4 days, but baby has been measuring a few days ahead). I'd lost a few pounds in the early weeks, when the MS was at its worst, but gained it back once I started eating again. And according to the doctor's scales this past Wednesday, I'm now up three pounds from starting weight now. That came back fast! 

    I think as long as we're exercising and eating healthy, as much as possible, our bodies will do what they need to do. That's what I'm hoping, anyway! 


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  • I gained three in my first tri, and the doc was pleased with that. I was at a normal bmi when I started, so he just said I should most likely just gain in the 25lb range. Think I need to buy a scale.. Being a,ftm I am worried about losing all the weight after. Oh well. I heard breast feeding helps a lot, and I hope to be able to do that!!
  • Two days ago I was up a little over a pound from the day after BFP, this morning I'm just under that weight. Totally depends on what time of day you weigh yourself, activity and intake over the past few days.. If your doctor isn't worried I wouldn't worry.
  • isn't that what you should be at? 5 lbs in the first and then a pound for week 14 is 6 lbs so you're right there. ??
  • I had gained 10 pounds by my 12 week appointment, which seemed like a ton! I told the OB I had been doing WW and had lost about 30 pounds to bring me to my ideal, pre college and marriage weight. I ofcourse quit dieting once I found out I was pregnant, this coupled with the fact the the only thing that would keep the CONSTANT nausea at bay was eating frequently led to a big weight gain initially. Now that the nausea has gone (14 weeks) she said that as long as I eat healthy I should not really gain much until 20 weeks. I am not worried and I am enjoying my random cravings!
  • I'll be 14 weeks on Sunday and I'm up about 5 pounds. Mind you I haven't been sick at all. But with being so tired exercise hasn't exactly been a priority. I think 7 pounds is reasonable. I ate really badly this week, so I expect to be up to 7 lbs when I weigh myself this week.
    My friend gained 10lbs in her first trimester but she's also had times where she's been up and times when she's been down.
    My point is don't worry. Your doc will tell you if you need to watch it.
  • Up 7 lbs. too and I'm 13 weeks and some change.  I gained 48 lbs with DS and can't remember how much I had gained at this point with him.  I think you're going to have to work to get it off post pregnancy either way.  I let myself enjoy my pregnancy and give into my cravings since when I'm not pregnant I am very aware of my diet and exercise.

    I don't think you should worry! 

  • I'm up 10 pounds at 12 weeks.  I gained 75 pounds with DS and lost it all.  I am not super concerned (although I'd really like to keep it under 50 this time) because I wewnt from training pretty hard core for an Olympic distance triathlon to zilch at 4 weeks pregnant when I found out.  I was/am way too exhausted to come near working out as much as I was.  I am still jogging and doing yoga and watching what I eat, but weight is going to come. 
    Just make healthy choices and if you are craving something not so good for you- portion control :)  ** which I had no will power to do last time.
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  • I haven't weighted myself in 3 weeks, but I am hitting the 15 week mark and feel like I am up 7-8 lbs. Just trying to eat as healthy as crazy cravings allow, and go for walks.

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  • First, the 1-5 is a suggestion and everyone is different. Second, honestly, I've seen people who've gained outside the 25-35 lb range and lose it. It's all about how you treat your body during pregnant (as not a dumpster) and what you do afterwards.
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  • Ah it sounds just fine. Just don't gain 30lbs in the third tri or something crazy like that. Every woman and every pregnancy is different and grows differently.
  • I'm 13 weeks (tomorrow) and I've gained a solid 8lbs... I definitely think everyone is different... I gained 5 pounds of water weight almost immediately... But according to my trainer, I've only gained 3lbs of fat in the last 6 weeks... I'm a teacher so I'm off in the summer and my eating habits aren't too strict during that time... I'm assuming when I get back to work in September, everything will balance out. Either way, with 27 weeks to go, I'm on track to gain 35lbs by the end of my pregnancy... My advice is to just enjoy it... Indulge when you want but eat healthy the rest of the time.
  • Your 7 pounds sounds about right. I lost weight during most of my first trimester because everything made me puke, so I've gained less than a pound at 11w6d. Thankfully baby seems to be ok with my not gaining weight I have a fairly decent sized bump already that is sitting pretty low so I've been in maternity pants for the last 2 weeks now (but I am a pretty small person to begin with only weighing in at 122 Lbs pre-pregnancy).

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  • I have gained three pounds so far. With my son I gained 2.5 lbs the entire pregnancy! I was overweight to start and discovered thyroid issues at the start of my first trimesterand started treatment. All of my clothes were way too big after my son.
  • Hi! I'm 15 weeks tomorrow and put 15 on in 14 weeks. My midwife isn't concerned so I'm not, yet. My belly has also popped like crazy in the past 10 days. Everyone's different!!
  • I'm at 15 weeks and I gained about 10-12 pounds. I honestly am freaking out. I started out at a normal weight, but it was always super easy for me to gain the weight. I try to eat healthy (of course I cheat sometimes and give in to cravings, but most of the time I eat healthy), I exercise, I go on walks. Im just trying to calm myself down and keep telling myself everyone is different. Like my mom said she gained most of her weight in the first half of the prefnancy and then her weight gain was super slow. I also read somewhere that your weight gain during pregnancy is almost like 80% predetermined, so that makes me feel a little better too...
  • I'm 14 weeks Wednesday and have gained around 7 pounds. Doctor hasn't mentioned it, so I'm not worrying.
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