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Which girl name?

Which name do you all like best?


Any middle name recs? Our first DD is Emma Caroline.


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Re: Which girl name?

  • I slightly prefer Hailey with Emma. Hailey Samantha, Hailey Jane, Hailey Angelina.

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  • Molly fits Emma a but better but I prefer Hailey.
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  • I strongly prefer Molly.

  • I agree. I prefer Molly. 
  • I like both of these names; tough choice.  Here's how I see the pros and cons:

    Molly -- feminine yet sporty (a plus in my book) but comes from the word "Moll" which traditionally meant "prostitute."  Not many people realize this, though.  Currently, the word "molly" is urban slang for a form of the drug ecstasy.  In this case, "molly" is short for "molecules" used to make the drug.

    Hailey -- a little on the trendy side but not super-trendy, pretty and feminine, could be considered a last name or a boy name.  May make people think of Hailie Mathers (Eminem's daughter) or Haley Joel Osment.
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  • I love Molly. Sweet and Simple just like Emma.
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  • I like Hailey. Molly seems like a nn to me. Hailey Mae, joy, Claire, Beatrice, June, Ann.
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  • I'd choose Molly over Hailey for your sibset! Have you considered Halle? That would go nicely with Emma too.

    Molly Louise

    Molly Elizabeth

    Molly Annalise

    Molly Etta

    Molly Isabella

    Molly Victoria

    Molly Jane

    Molly Josephine
  • Molly all the way
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  • Molly for sure! What a darling name, and way cute with Emma. I like PP suggestion of Molly Clementine.
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  • I prefer Hailey. Hailey Nicole, Hailey Victoria, Hailey Marissa, Hailey Delilah, Hailey Rhiannon, Hailey Rebecca, Hailey Noelle, Hailey Marie



  • I would pick Hailey Margaret
  • I've always loved the name Molly
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  • Definitely Molly.
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  • Molly
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  • Molly!

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  • Molly!
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  • Molly fits Emma a but better but I prefer Hailey.
  • I like both, but Molly & Emma sound better together. Whichever you choose will be great. 
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  • Great, thanks everyone! :)

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  • Ohhhh I adore all your names. I love Emma but its my partner close cousin :( I love Hailey but its an exes name :( and I love Molly but my parents gave this darling name to their rabbit. Lol they are three of my favs!

    I would say Molly over Hailey but only very very slightly!
  • I think I prefer Molly with Emma.

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  • Molly!


    MN could be Marie, I think Molly Marie has a nice ring to it. :)

  • Molly :-)


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  • I prefer Molly

    I like using family names as middles

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  • I prefer Molly straight up, but it does have the added plus of being more in the style of Emma than Hailey. Emma and Molly are both feminine names distinctly. Hailey is a gender-bender name to me.



  • Molly! Molly Elisabeth is my vote!
  • Neither, sorry

  • With Emma I like Molly. To me the names have the same sweet, timeless feel.
    Exactly this. I strongly prefer Molly to Hailey in this case.
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  • Molly, hands down.

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  • I think they are both pretty names, but I give Molly first place because I think it sounds better with Emma.
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    My name is Molly and I've always though it was alright. Nothing amazing, but not too horrible either. I prefer it over Hailey, but I'm biased. :)
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  • Molly June


  • Haily Elizabeth :)
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