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I really want a midwife for the birth of our first child. Does anyone know if Concord Birthing Center a good place? Good and bad reviews would be great!

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  • I LOVE THEM!!! Kate and Cindy are absolutely amazing. You get a full hour with them every month until 28 weeks and then at 28 weeks you see them every 2 weeks for an hour, and then after 36 weeks, you see them each week for an hour. I know them VERY WELL, and they know me! They both will be at my birth, there is absolutely no question as to who will be delivering my baby. They are full of information, and they were able to catch that I have gestational diabetes with no risk factors or symptoms, and they have coached me and sat with me while I deal with the changes in my lifestyle to accommodate this new dx. Honestly I can't say enough good things about them. They have given me all natural remedies for heart burn, headaches, hemorrhoids... and they have all WORKED. I am not on anything I don't worry about while pregnant, I am full of energy even at 33 weeks pregnant, and I feel COMPLETELY prepared for a natural birth at home with them by my side. They have given me books to borrow and read, hypnobirthing techniques... all my questions have been answered and they even bring up topics I didn't even think about. OMG and after the first week, they go to you for your checkup! No trying to figure out how to get organized with a new baby. It's amazingly relaxing, comforting and really the best way to give birth. PM if you want or need any other details but I wouldn't choose anyone else, I'm soooooooo happy with my experience thus far. Hope this helps and isn't too biased :-)

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  • Thank you so much for the reply!!! This makes even more excited to call and meet with them!!! I wish you an amazing birth.
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