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GTKY: 5 Reasons You Love Your S/O

What's 5 things you love about your other half?

1. He kisses me goodbye every morning on the forehead. And the dogs.

2. He adores his mother.

3. He cooks and bakes.

4. Green eyes and dark curly hair. Swoon.

5. He calls me 'Booski'.

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Re: GTKY: 5 Reasons You Love Your S/O

  • 1) He puts up with my crazy.
    2) He let me get a puppy when my kitty passed away and I was uber sad.
    3) He's never dutch-oven'd me....when he's had plenty of chances. 
    4) He tries so hard each and every day to make me laugh & smile, and always finds a way to succeed.
    5) He loves me for me and always has my back. He's kind of the best. 

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  • lookame3639lookame3639
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    1. He visited me everyday while I was hospitalized/spends the night with me in the hospital/is there when I am sick ect
    2. He raises my son like he is his
    3. He rubs my back at night to help me fall asleep
    4. He has purty eyes :)
    5. He is just an overall sweet caring guy
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  • 1. He's insanely smart without being an annoying know it all.

    2. He does random sweet things, just because.

    3. He's a fantastic father.

    4. He fixes my computer.

    5. He gets along with everyone and is great in social situations, which takes the pressure off of me.
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  • Aww, this one's fun :)

    1. Every morning when he leaves for work, he blows me a kiss from his car for me to "catch".
    2. He is ADORABLE when it comes to how he treats our animals, especially our dog.
    3. He cleans up the kitchen and does all the dishes after every meal I cook, changes the cat litter boxes, and will clean the entire house if I don't get to it.
    4. He will randomly send me text messages telling me he loves me, or show up with a bouquet of flowers.
    5. He goes along with basically everything I want, regardless of how ridiculous it is. We have seen every single Twilight movie in the theaters, he has put up with me bringing home cats at random times, and this all happens with minimum complaining from him.
  • 1.  His unwavering principles
    2.  His care and concern for others
    3.  His love of sports...especially college football
    4.  His determination
    5.  The way he makes me feel like the most important person in the world (I know that outside the walls of my house I'm not...but he tries and that's nice)


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  • 1) He is a fantastic dad, especially for a guy who was abandoned by both his bio dad and his stepdad.

    2) He is very thoughtful. When we were dating, I told him I stayed home from work because I was feeling crummy. He surprised me by stopping over... with a box of Honey Nut Cheerio's of all things! I asked, "Why cheerios?" and he said, "Just in case you needed something to eat and you didn't want chicken soup." Even more amazing, when we realized we couldn't afford adoption, he decided to get his vasectomy reversed.

    3) He has a great smile and a great sense of humor... as you can probably tell by my siggy.

    4) He is a videographer and movie buff. He can tell you random trivia about any movie he's ever seen, and some that I've never even heard of. He doesn't do it in a know-it-all-way, either. He's very cool like that. 

    5) He's adventurous and rugged. And genuine.
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  • 1- He's an introvert and very calm which balance my craziness and over-extravaganza personality. I like myself way more since I've been with him

    2- He's the funniest guy I ever met. He remembers weird things from years ago and will twist it in an awesome inside joke. He sings stupid songs to the dog and like to dance to entertain me.

    3- With him, everything will always be alright. There is no problem too big to fix.

    4- He is so sensible. He puts on a show with his friends but just seeing me cry will make him cry.

    5- He tells me all the time how beautiful he thinks I am even if I'm a bloated mess in sweat pants with cheetos powder on my face.



    [Deleted User]Sarah52Beth
  • 1.  He can always make me laugh - no matter my mood.

    2.  He's tall, dark and handsome ;)

    3.  He puts up with my crazy (and trust me, there's plenty to go around)

    4.  He loves me unconditionally - even after all the mistakes and bad choices I've made

    5.  We are each other's exact opposite and because of that, we match perfectly <3

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  • 1. He is an awesome dad and adores our son
    2. He is the least sexist man alive and is not threatened by my strong personality
    3. He buys great presents
    4. He always tells me that he loves me or that I look nice
    5. He always dresses, smells & looks nice


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    September 2013 Repeat SA: Count= 1.7 million, Motility= 24%, Morphology= 2%
    November 6th 1st Appointment with RE: diagnosed with severe MFI
    Testing to try to determine a cause & possible treatment for MFI
    CD 3 blood work for me. RE does not want to repeat my HSG/lap at this point,
    but may want to before moving forward with any fertility treatments.
    After seeing the uro, DH is currently taking lots of supplements and clomid to try to boost his count. We will have a repeat SA in February to see if it works.
    Follow up SA numbers are: Count= 4 million, Motility= 40%, Morphology= 1%
    Uro wants us to have another follow up SA 5/9 to see if we see further improvement than we are back to the RE to make a game plan.

    SA 5/9/2014 Count: 12 Million, Motility: 60%, and Morphology 2%. We will be doing iui #1 in late June

    IUI #1 6/28 clomid + ovidrel, post wash count 3 million total sperm= BFN

    IUI # 2 7/21 clomid+ ovidrel. post wash count 900,000 total sperm= BFN

    IVF planned for early November- cancelled due to cyst

    December IVF #1- 22 eggs, 20 mature,16 fertilized

    12/9 Transferred 1 4AA Blast, 6 frosties

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  • janda426janda426
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    1) He calls me babybell (and then we found out about babybel cheese but whatever)

    2) He's a genius. Literally. His IQ is something ridiculous that I can't remember at this moment. And it's adorable cause he tries to play it off like anyone can know all the things he knows.

    3) He is always genuinely interested when I'm talking about makeup or clothes or whatever and next time he buys me a gift it's usually one of the things I mentioned before

    4) He massages my back, legs and feet every. Single. Day. He rubs my belly too when I have cramps :)

    5) He can cook. And he's good at it. His specialty is fried coconut shrimp. Seriously amazeballs.

    ETA: I had to add a 6th. He is the sole reason I got through my first semester of college chemistry. He would let me cry, throw my books at the wall, then go get my books, TEACH HIMSELF the material and explain it to me in a simpler way. I got an A that semester.
    Off BCP in June 2013
    BFP 6/24/14 EDD 3/5/15
    ITS A BOY!!
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    LaDyBostonRN[Deleted User]Diordra
  • 1. He is the hardest worker I have ever met (well, tied with my Dad)

    2. He really loves his job and is extremely passionate about it

    3. We have known each other since we were 14, so he knows me better than anyone

    4. He is crazy about our daughter and can't wait to have another baby

    5. He loves to surprise me

    Married 6/28/08, TTC 7/10, BFP 11/30/11! Charlotte Rose born on 8/4/12! TFAS 8/13, BFP 10/14/13! Lori Anne Catherine born on 6/13/14!

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  • 1. He likes to be goofy with me. Even when things are going really sucky I can depend on him to lighten the mood.

    2. He's a great stepdad to my kids. Not every guy could step in to a family with three teenagers and grow to love them like his own, even though they have a lot of anger towards their real dad and he sometimes gets the brunt of it.

    3. He loves my birds. We have 10 pet birds, and not only does he tolerate them, he "adopted" one as his own and spends time teaching him tricks and loving on him.

    4. He calls me sexy, every day, even when I'm sick and gross, and I really believe he means it!

    5. He's really truly the best thing that ever happened to  me. We are just so in sync with our thoughts and ideas, our morals and our beliefs, it's truly an amazing thing.
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  • Oooh, fun!  I need to be reminded of why I love DH since I'm all drugged up on hormones and he's caused us to cancel our IUI this cycle and TI is looking is sketch.

    1. He leaves an hour before I have to get up, but he gives me a hug and a kiss before he leaves everyday and never expects me to wake up with him.

    2. Usually he's such a Sheldon that my sarcasm flies right by him, but when he's on it's hilarious.  Best of all, he knows that he usually misses it, so when he really zings someone he gets so excited and shouts out, "Bazinga!"

    3. He is so pretty.  Twinkly eyes, rosy cheeks, and OMG lips.

    4. He treats my granny like she's a princess, even when she's crazy.  In return, she tells him that he's the sexiest man alive.

    5. He makes sure that I know I'm his favorite person.
    Me: 33     DH: 38
    TTC since August 2011
    DX:  PCOS and subseptate uterus
    August 2013:  Clomid + Trigger + IUI TI = BFN
    September 2013:  Clomid + Trigger + TI = BFN
    October 2013:  Clomid + Trigger + IUI canceled
    November 2013:  NTNP
    April 2013:  Femara + Trigger + IUI = ???
  • jenandtim828jenandtim828
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    This is fun! 1. He is truly my best friend supports me unconditionally 2. I had 2 cats when we met that he now loves 3. He is helpful. He does dishes, cleans, and vacuums! 4. When I cry about my mom who passed away, he cries too and always makes it better. 5. He's really hot :) Edit: Damn iPad why can't I make spaces

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  • 1. He doesn't lie, cheat or beat me

    2. He's great at making friends, which is awesome cause I suck at it. So I just mooch off his guy friends for their ladies  ;)

    3. He has a great sense of humor, very witty and dry. He cracks me up all the time

    4. He knows what to say/do when I'm down. I get the blues a lot and he's good at getting me out of my own head.

    5. Oral, the man can go down.

    TTC #1 October 2012
    Me (30): PCOS DH (31): SA looks good

    12/13: Clomid + IUI = BFN

    1/14: Clomid + Trigger + TI = BFN

    2/14: Benched = BCP

    3/14: Femara = BFN

    4/14: Break for job change = BFP!! EDD 1/5/15

  • This is a good GTKY :)

    Why I love DH:
    1) He researches EVERYTHING and makes the most thought of, informed decisions.
    2) I see the way he loves the shit out of our little Boston Terrier and I know that his kindness and gentle ways will be passed on to our kids when we become parents.
    3) We have the same sarcastic, crass sense of humor. 
    4) He can really dress
    5) Because this is his motto: "Happy Wife, Happy Life". 

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  • 1. He doesn't lie, cheat or beat me

    2. He's great at making friends, which is awesome cause I suck at it. So I just mooch off his guy friends for their ladies  ;)

    3. He has a great sense of humor, very witty and dry. He cracks me up all the time

    4. He knows what to say/do when I'm down. I get the blues a lot and he's good at getting me out of my own head.

    5. Oral, the man can go down.

    Isn't #2 great?!!? I should've added that because DH does the same. I just smile and everyone laughs at how funny he is. 

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  • 1. He has a dimple on his chin and blue eyes.
    2. He knows what to do when I am freaking out or crying for no reason. I'm a whole lot of crazy and he hasn't been scared off...yet
    3. He will do anything to make me laugh and doesn't care if he looks silly.
    4. He knows everything. I can always count on him to figure things out even when it seems impossible.
    5. He has an awesome talking to the dog voice.
  • 1. He's thoughtful
    2. Fantastic dad to our DS
    3. Makes me laugh constantly
    4. Puts up with my attitude
    5. He has a hot bod
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    1. That jaw line...mmmmmhmmmmm...
    2. He's really smart, but really humble about it. 
    3. He accepts me as I am without condition.
    4. He's incredibly thoughtful and surprisingly gentle.
    5. He's really weird and silly in ways that perfectly match my weird and silly. We're a hot mess, and it's beautiful.
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  • teal owl said:

    1. penis

    2. penis.

    3. penis

    4. penis.

    5. He is the most amazing man I've ever met.

    HE HAS 4 PENIS'?!
    That IS amazing!

    1. He's very thoughtful, gentle, cautious, and super sweet (he makes me a better person)
    2. He gets me 
    3. He adores my family, his family is pretty great too
    4. He indulges my whims
    5. I'd be lying if I didn't mention his penis. I like it a lot.

  • 1. He's an amazing dad.  DD is his ex's daughter.  He's not even the biological father.  But he has raised her as his own by himself for 8 years.  He is DS's best friend.

    2. He gave me a chance, knowing my past, when no one else would.

    3. He always calls me beautiful.

    4. He is always thinks of great family day activities, like going to the Kids Museum or science center or a walk at the nature reserve.  Last weekend he took the kids to a skate park!

    5. He will do anything for our family! When we first met, he was delivering newspapers and barely scraping by.  By the time we got married, he had secured steady employment with benefits.  Now he has worked his way up the ladder and we make three times what we used to. The promotion made us move, but moving brought so many other new experiences for us that there are too many to list.
  • 1. His unconditional love for me (our furbabies and hopefully one day our children).

    2. His ability to remain clam and collected yet take charge and help in times of crisis or during high stress moments. 

    3. The little weird things that really bother him. (Prime example: He has a horrible fear of allowing his bare feet to touch other people's bare feet.)

    4. He seems to know me better than I know myself.  

    5. His willingness to put his life on the line every day he goes to work for strangers who need help. 
    Me: 30 Him: 33
    Married: August 2012
    BFP #1 9/2013 -- MC 10/2013
    DD: 9/22/2014
  • 1. He puts up with my crazy.
    2. He puts up with my crazy family.
    3. He's the most supportive and non-judgmental person I've ever met.
    4. He's super smart and even though I don't understand half of what he says when he talks Science, I enjoy how much he loves it.
    5. He's pretty.

    Aw I could've wrote this word for word. H comes from a family of math and science buffs whereas my family is all readers and English nerds, and it's always funny how fast their conversations go over my head.

    Also I am the oldest of 9 with a bio dad and 2 stepdads, so needless to say my crazy family can also be a lot to deal with ha
    Off BCP in June 2013
    BFP 6/24/14 EDD 3/5/15
    ITS A BOY!!
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  • 1. He's a big kid and geek just like me. 

    2. He's so mellow and calm that he manages to calm me down when I'm high strung (which is often) without saying anything.

    3. He's not afraid to tell me about myself and when I'm wrong

    4. He has an amazing sense of humor.

    5. He's adorable and I love his smile.
  • Well isn't this a nice topic.

    1. He's the most patient person I've ever met. Seriously, I push a lot of buttons and he's never once lost his temper with me
    2. I can tell him anything and he doesn't judge me or think I'm strange
    3. He's just so damn sexy. Twelve years since we've met and four years since we got married and I still get butterflies when he gets naked..rawr!
    4. He's funny as hell without even trying
    5. He fit into my family so easily and naturally
  • edited August 2013
    1. He is literally one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He always helps others who need it. 

     2. He's ridiculously patient even when I can tell I'm driving him crazy 

     3. He always kisses me and our puppy goodbye when he leaves for work and we're still in bed 

     4. He "tucks me in" on the nights that I go to bed earlier

     5. He's learning how to cook to help me out on nights when I'm too worn out to cook

    Eta freakin mobile-spaces are my friend
    Me: 28 Husband:: 29
    TTC  since April, 2012; Diagnosed with Hashimotos, Annovulatory.
    October, 2013- Metformin + 50mg Clomid + iui - BFN
    November, 2013- Metformin + 50mg Clomid + iui + Prometrium 2x a day- Chemical Pregnancy

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  • 1: He loves me more than he loves himself and treats me like a princess

    2: will do anything to make me happy

    3: He loves to cook and will make me anything if I ask

    4: He is extremely handsome, beautiful eyes and smile

    5: He wants the same exact life style as me


  • 1.  He is so incredibly smart.  He has an amazing ability to take in information, analyze it, and come up with great ideas to solve a problem or start a new project, all within a fairly short period of time.  I am jealous of his skills!

    2.  He is driven to do great things in terms of his career.  He works very hard with the ultimate goal of making major positive impacts in this world.

    3.  He believes in me and my abilities even when I frequently doubt myself.

    4.  He is affectionate and always puts a lot of effort into improving our relationship.

    5.  He is positive, adventurous, and inquisitive, and reminds me of how good life can truly be with the right attitude and appreciation. 

    Oh yeah, and he's tall, dark and handsome.  Remind me how I got this lucky? 

    I can't wait to see him as a father because I know he'll give his all to be the best dad he can be :)
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