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MoMs to be check in!

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This is the weekly check-in for moms pregnant with multiples. Please post your update and let us know how things are going. 

*If you are new to the check in, welcome! Please post your due date, babies' genders (if known), or any other information you'd like to include. 

We also love to hear from the MoMs on how babies are doing! And pics are always nice!  

Let me know if I miss anyone or make a mistake.  



mpetri on the birth of her twin girls on 6/3/13! 

ceechie on the birth of her twin girl on 6/23/13! 

jennyshawn0808 on the birth of her boy/girl twins!

SwetaV on the birth of her boy/girl twins on 6/23/13! 

ashleighlt on the birth of her boy/girl twins on 7/9/13!

CNYBride05 on the birth of her twin girls!

nperrin23 on the birth of her boy/girl twins!

Rorr2 on the birth of her twin boys on 7/14/13!

MrsCaseyK on the birth of her boy/girl twins! 

NetPetal on the birth of her twin girls on 7/7/13!

*************THOUGHTS & PRAYERS************

lovepink519's Baby B has confirmed trisomy 13.  

mellissalynay90's Baby B may not have kidneys, sac measuring behind.

SWA80's Baby B has selective IUGR, with intermittent blood flow.

Sascha3's baby A has slight IUGR. 

 ***************BED REST BEAUTIES***************

Wallace323 heart defect was found at 20 week a/s on Baby A. PTL, cerclage and bed rest! 

JocelynB0911 SBR. 

staceymack on SBR due to PTL.  

RachH517 on MBR.  

Raymond1905 1 more weeks of SBR.

Kjkarats03 SBR.

RmJohns92 on MBR due to contractions.  


You know you are nesting when.....


If anyone would like to help out with the QOTW, I'd appreciate it! Haha! Pregnancy brain strikes again! 

117ict10 boy/girl twins due 6/3 
tyresec due 6/04
kari.sandall boy/girl twins due 6/7
Tpot boy/girl twins due 6/8
sweetpea814 boy/girl twins due 
Rachiemoo mo/di twin girls due 6/20 
Bubbleleeboo36 twins due 6/21 
dmhstarr twins due 6/28
MissMarnee twin girls  
wetoneses  twin girls due 7/4
RuthEmily ID twin girls due 7/4 
vanessa twins due 7/6 
Medmess fraternal twin boys due 7/9
JAnna123 twin girls due 7/17
Steph7107 twins due 7/21 
JenniferF11 twins due 7/24
bilti ID twin girls due 7/24
reemap916 boy/girl twins due 8/1 (c-sec scheduled for 7/18) 
kjkarats03 mo/di twin boys due 8/9 (c-sec scheduled 8/1)
Mrs JillB ID twin boys due 8/13 but will be born by 7/26 
kolabola29 fraternal twin girls due 8/14 
schulme2 boy/girl twins due 8/14
zuricke fraternal twin girls due 8/15
MyShinyLullaby boy/girl twins due 8/15 
ChattyCathy81 twin boys due 8/17 (c-sec scheduled 8/5)
kellibelle0417 boy/girl twins due 8/18 
CeeBug boy/girl twins due 8/18
ktjruss03 twins due 8/19
Sascha3 di/di twin girls due 8/19 (c-sec scheduled 7/23)
i'mluckynlove twins due 8/20
missz82 di/di twin girls due 8/21 
Snugly Ael boy/girl twins due 8/21
michelleDis twins 8/21 
LaurenKate19 triplets due 8/25
missrut78 twins due 8/25
kristen6 di/di twin boys due 8/28
ekberlo triplets due 8/28
ottid123 mo/di twins due 8/28 (c-sec/induction scheduled 8/9)
Raymond1905 boy/girl twins due 8/29
MamaToLuca boy/girl twins (c-sec scheduled 7/30)
Chongo300 twin boys due 8/31 
Wishing35 twin girls due 9/1
BeccaFegley boy/girl twins due 9/2
NDGOIRISH twin girls due 9/3
RoadToFertility twin boys due 9/6 
hoff0489 di/di twin girls due 9/7 
atorrrres boy/girl twins due 9/9
teachergurl2002 triplets due 9/11 
JNoelleE twin girls due 9/12
JocelynB0911 twins due 9/15
katiebenes di/di twin boys due 9/17 
leanne.matt boy/girl twins due 9/17 
sarack boy/girl twins due 9/19
Nikkdam ID twins due 9/22 (c-sec scheduled 8/30)
Mrs.Guz boy/girl twins due 9/22 
JocelynB0911 twins due 9/15 
Cleo421 boy/girl twins
Lewinny twins 
elampl twin girls due 9/25
mrs_chewie boy/girl twins due 9/28 
AshB62 di/di twin boys due 9/28 
Staceymack mo/di twin girls due 9/29 
Mrs.AshAsh twin boys due 10/2
new+tothis Baby A due 10/7 
kiki5150 twins due 10/7
RachH517 twins due 10/8
Beejus twins due 10/9
wallace323  di/di twin girls due 10/9 
Ledo mo/di twin girls due 10/10 
hoping&praying2013 twin girls due 10/11  
SWA80 mo/di twin boys due 10/12 
vensell twins due 10/12
mthurm17 twin girls due 10/12  
ashleymarie512 Baby A (lost Baby B) due 10/13
egsquared triplets due 10/15
heaven22tw mo/di ID twins due 10/15 
KimCousino b/g twins due 10/16 
snapdragon333 boy/girl twins due 10/17 
joules12 di/di twin girls due 10/19 
lsmith0917 twins due 10/22
Siennalady twins due 10/23
BookWorm11 mo/di twins due 10/23
Siennalady triplets (g/b/b) due 10/23 
ballygirl ID twins due 10/25
kellymacc boy/girl twins due 10/29
Mitzi Bishi twins due 11/1 
SV917 boy/girl twins due 11/2 
aliwisewoman twin boys due 11/5
LiveLaughLove17 twin boys due 11/6
MrsChopp boy/girl twins due 11/6  
Rapunzel24 twins due 11/8  
10-4LilBuddy boy/girl twins due 11/12
RmJohns92 twin boys due 11/14
SteelCityBride twins due 11/14
lovepink519 twins due 11/15
Jfila13 twin girls due 11/17 
mothershood di/di twins 
mksk143 twins due 11/21 
elliotandnicole twins due 11/23 
sterling1987 twins due 11/28 
TobieRose twin boys due 11/29 
GBabyMom twins due 12/7 
JoDoc di/di twins due 12/14
txdz14 twins due 12/17 
megankp84 twins due 12/17 
hnharden boy/girl twins due 12/18 
jmiller79 twin girls due 12/18
vpatchen twins due 12/19 
Lprice2013 twins due 12/21
rkcaraway twins due 12/21 
Stephanie2167 di/di twins due 12/22
megs2419 twins due 12/23 
hgrosch twins due 12/24 
Risalyn222 di/di twins due 12/26
mellissalynay90 twins due 12/26 
Rspitulski di/di twins due 12/27 
kimberm0511 twins due 12/27 
PinkinProvence di/di twins due 12/28
momanddad+3 twins due 12/28 
diego229 twins due 12/29 
Brownie2181 di/di twins due 1/2 
sjirishgirl twins  
KaloramaKB twins due 1/6
MissMandyD mo/di twins due 1/6
daisy19782011 identical twins due 1/6 
java1982 twins due 1/7
karah4816 twins due 1/9 
AlyceBell twins due 1/10
spin25 di/di twins 1/11
Seldaar twins due 1/17
Mrs. Kata mo/di twins due 1/20 
CaliCarly77 team green twins due 1/23
sibby twins due 2/4 
jezebel57 mo/di twins 2/4 
Leahanna21 twins due 2/6 
BANBIE18 di/di twins due 2/10 
MommytoThree+2 twins due 2/27 

Roeni di/di twins due 3/7

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Re: MoMs to be check in!

  • JoDocJoDoc member

    Good Morning!  Had bad anxiety last Thursday, went home early from work.  (All thanks to drama from my in-laws)  This week seems to be better.  Today we go in to see what we're having, so excited!  I'm thinking one of each.  No real reason for it, just a thought.

    Still experiencing the ugly brown discharge when I pee.  Not too concerned about it, but going to mention it to the doctor today when we see her. 


    QOTW: you position your dogs stuffed animals that he plays with "just right" in his bed at night so he doesn't get lonely. 


  • aliwisewomanaliwisewoman member
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    26 weeks today! Woot! I've got an OB appt and ultrasound this afternoon. On Friday, both boys were breech and their heads were right next to each other. Baby B (Dominic) has only one kidney but it is healthy and he has plenty of fluid. They weighed 1 lb 13 oz and 1 lb 14 oz. I thought that was pretty good. The tech said my cervix was measuring 2.5 to 3.8 and the MFM was not satisfied with the images she got. So, I have an FFN today and another ultrasound to measure CL. Hoping it is long and the tech just messed up! QOTW: You know you are nesting when you abruptly leave a conversation with your in-laws to go weed the garden! LOL I think I did 4 loads of laundry yesterday! Organized our stockpile of diapers- 2,802 diapers so far! AND I made a trifle with an almond pound cake, strawberries, and fluff (vanilla pudding and cool whip!). It was delicious!!!
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  • Good morning ladies,
     The boys and I are on modified bed rest for contractions, my contractions were any were from 2-11 minutes apart. My FFN came back negative. The boys are weighing in at 2 pounds each and measuring almost 2 weeks early. We have our GD screen in 2 weeks. Also, my OB will start weekly appts in 2 weeks. 

    QOTW: You know your nesting when you have car seats and bases by the front door and keep your cell phone charger and magazines in your car in case of a trip  to the hospital.

    Me (30) my best friend (38)
    TTTC since "Jan 2011"
    RE appt april 2012
    Dx: PCOS and stage 1 endo
    S/A 19 million, 48 motility, 1 morphology
    6.1 progestrone
    HSG: tubes clear
    clomid 50mg + #1 IUI + trigger 6/9/12 BFN 6/18/12 Clomid 150mg +#2 IUI + trigger: 7/9/2012 BFN 7/18/2012 stage 1: endo removed 8/14/12
    Letrozole 2.5mg+estrogen=cycle cancelled for little to no response
    Follistim 75 (10/15-10/19) follistim 67 (10/20-10/21) cycle cancelled due to over response 9 follies and very thin lining
    ~ IVF #1:BC pills started 10/27~
    ~IVF class schedualed for 11/13~
    ~ Lupron starts Thanksgiving day~
    ~Stims start December 1st~
    ~ER: December 12th ~
    ~ET: December 15th~
    19 R. 12. Fertilized with ICSI, 2 transfered
    only 1 made it to freeze!
    Beta #1 12/27/12 (26)
    beta #2 12/29/12 (78.9)
    Beta #3 12/31/12 (149)
    Beta #4 1/4/13 (48)
    C/P on 1/4/13 @ 5 weeks and 2 days
    ~ IVF #2 ~
    ~ BC pills1/15-2/3~
    ~Lupron beings 1/31~
    ~stims start Feb. 9th~
    ~ER 2/21/13~
    ~14 R, 12 fertilized with ICSI~
    ~1 made it to freeze~
    ~Twin Boys Arrived August 31, 2013
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    P/SAIF Welcome~ everyone welcome
  • Good Morning! I got taken off restrictions last Thursday at my appointment because the spotting has stopped. I am so relieved. Decided to do the Mat21 test and should have the results but end of this week. 

  • 27 weeks.  Just saw my mfm this morning.  Girls are looking good at about 2.5 lbs each, fluid levels and cervix all lookin' good - so that's good.  Everything else is kind of sucky though.  I feel so bad and have felt bad for almost this entire pregnancy.  I'm in constant PSD pain, I can't sleep because of it, I can't walk, I'm still a little nauseous, have awful heartburn, I keep getting these sudden epidsodes of lightheadedness and weakness, I can't take a deep breath anymore.  Anyway - I know this is what everyone probably goes through - I'm just feeling a little defeated by this pregnancy lately and its hard to get excited about anything.


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  • Update: 25 weeks today! On hospital bedrest for the last week due to shortened cervix and contractions. Babies are doing well and so am I - it's just the pesky cervix and contractions. Had a scare yesterday that moved me back to L&D bc my contractions were strong and frequent. They started me on magnesium. Doctors now say I will be here until 28 weeks. Hopefully I will stabilize so I can move back to antepartum. Trying to stay restful and positive. I have done one week of MBR at home and been in the hospital for 5 days ao far.

    QOTW: Went on a three week vacation and was put on bedrest the day after we got back. Have had no time to nest and am sad about that. I have been concentrating on resting these last two weeks.
    ? TTC#1 since 2/10 ?

    DX: Me - Slight androgen PCOS Him: Mild MFI Official DX: Unexplained IF

    2/11 - 8/11 - 6 cycles Femara (5mg) + TI = BFNs

    2/12 - 5/12 - Femara(5mg) + IUI = BFNs

    6/12 and 8/12 - Femara (7.5mg) + IUI = BFN :( - considered IUI#3 and 4 by RE

    9/12 and 12/12 - Femara (7.5mg for 3 days) + Ovidrel + IUI = BFN

    After 8 unsuccessful IUIs and no explanation for IF, moving on to IVF Feb. 2013.


    S/PAIFW appreciated
  • I am 13 weeks today and feeling good aside from ridiculous constipation.  (sorry, tmi!).  It's been a week since my last u/s and I don't have an OB appointment for heartbeats until next week at 14w1d and then another u/s at 16w.  I'm going crazy and so hopeful the little ones are doing well.  I have an early glucose screen next week and I'm terrified because I had weight loss surgery and can't drink that much sugar that quickly so am anticipating a very sick morning.  I found out I am definitely getting laid off in September and am trying to decide whether to take the layoff and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy (as much as possible) or to apply at a different location with my company for about $15,000 less a year.  Feeling stressed out right now and sorry to make this a downer post. :) Thanks for letting me vent!
    Me (37) DH (39); PCOS changed to Unexplained, changed to DOR in 2012 (finally a correct diagnosis!); 
    Started TTC 2009 with RE after 6 months.  
    Clomid + Trigger x2; 
    IUI + Femara x1,
    IUI + Follistim x2;
    IVF #1 (MDL) February 2013- BFN.
    IVF #2 (antagonist) May 2013, First BFP of my life. 
    Identical twin miracle BOYS (!!) headed our way- due date is technically 2/4/14 but c section is scheduled for 1/7! 

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  • Been absent for a bit now, but that's because my boys are here! They arrived July 19 via c/s and are both perfectly healthy despite the complications I'd had with the pregnancy. I'll be posting the birth story soon.

    QOTW: you know you're nesting when you make sure the bathroom is white glove clean every night, just in case you go into labor and someone has to come over and watch the toddler for the night.
    J13 May Siggy Challenge: People lacking in common sense raise my blood pressure.

    DD 8/11 | DS1 7/13 | DS2 7/13
    [Deleted User]ChattyCathy81Mrs.AshAshPurrCrasher
  • Hello ladies!! I was put on MBR Friday due to shortening cervix and contractions, I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow. Our goal is 32 weeks but of course I'm hoping to hold out longer!

    I wish I could nest! It's so tempting to get my dust rag or clean off the fan blades!! Ugh, I notice everything now that needs to be cleaned!!
  • 32w2d today! Had my OB and MFM appointments last week and all looks good. Baby A was measuring 3lbs11oz and Baby B was measuring 4lbs3oz. Both gained over a pound in two weeks and looking good! They are both breech. A has been breech, but B keeps flipping back and forth. Hoping try flip and stay put. But in case they don't, my c/s is scheduled for 9/10 at 38w2 days. 6 weeks to go regardless!!
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • I'm new to this, I'm 10 wks 6days with twins. Saw my Dr this morning he said everything was great so far. Baby A was sleeping and Baby B was having a good ole time bouncy around. It was the most amazing thing to see. Both babies had strong heart beats and are looking great. I'm coming off of a 2 week bed rest and really not ready to go back to work.
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  • Our C-section is happening this Friday at 1pm PT!! I can't wait! I'm headed in for my last regular NST and ultrasound today. Eek!!! I'm going to meet my babies soon!!
  • Hi All! Things are moving along. We found out Friday that we are having a boy and a girl!! A/S looked pretty good, but will get full report tomorrow at monthly visit. Also getting another ultrasound tomorrow because I was having a BH contraction while checking placenta location and it was low/high/or too close. Can't remember exactly, but it wasn't horrible. Working on picking out a stroller this week. I thought we were set on CityMini, but DH likes the Mountain Buggy better. I was so overwhelmed while in BuyBuyBaby that I started crying. QOTW-when you spend all day on-line at work looking at bedding, cribs, bassinets, etc. Maybe that's not techincally nesting, but it's my version. :)

    Beckett Rilee & Caitlyn Leigh born 9-21-13 @ 27w due to PPROM

  • Hey ladies i am now 12 weeks the announcement went great!!! I am still feeling tired all the time and sooo moody! Today we are getting a 7seater Truck Dodge Durango Crew to accomodate the babies and my parents when they come to stay with us to help with babies. I want to start fixing the babies room i am almost done taking all the stuff out dresser bed ect to make it from a guest room to a nursery but i am trying to wait a little while longer, but i am a planner i like to plan ahead lol. The headaches are frecuent but im hanging in there good luck to all
  • 31 weeks tomorrow. This carrying twins thing is no joke. Been having horrible round ligament pain and (sorry if this is TMI) but awful backdoor "roid rage". It hurts so bad to have a bowel movement sometimes. But, overall, this really isnt anything I should complain about as it could always be worse. Got to see my boys last Thursday. We had our first ultrasound in over 12 weeks!! They are both doing well. A is estimated at 3lb 1oz and B is estimated at 3lb 5oz. They are both vertex (as of last week) so fingers (toes, eyes and whatever ever else can be) crossed that they stay that way. Starting my NSTs next week and will hopefully plan on a definite induction date, should I go that long, at my appt tomorrow.

    QOTW: You know youre nesting invite the whole family over for dinner and dessert because you feel the need to clean and cook at 38w pregnant. Obviously, not this pregnancy but my last one with DS this happened. Haha
  • SWA80SWA80 member
    29 weeks. Last couple of appointments have been uneventful, which is great. Next week they'll check growth and I'm already nervous about it. Hoping B is getting bigger! Both are moving a ton.

    I really haven't had a strong nesting drive, mostly want to camp out on the couch.
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  • Almost 15 weeks now. 

    Things are good - we traveled to CT this past weekend and I seemed to do ok, even with the red eye flights. I am feeling a TON better than before, though heart burn is setting in. I didn't even realize how sick I felt until now that I feel better. 

    We have our regular two week appointment Monday then A/S at the end of August. 

    QOTW: You know you are nesting when...welp, I am definitely working on converting our guest room/xbox room into the nursery! And I get excited when I realize I will have time to work on it! I also ordered so much clearance stuff from Gymboree - couldn't help it, it was so adorable, and SO on sale! 
    Married my best friend, June 8, 2008

    5/17/13 BFP!!! 6/6/13 - OMG its TWINS!

    Josie and Lexie were born on January 4, 2014 at 37w2d
    Josie was 5lbs2oz, Lexie was 4lbs15oz 
    Both had a 9 APGAR score with no NICU time
    Planned unscheduled C-Section due to both being breech
    We all went home on Jan 6th, 2 days after surgery

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  • Update: I'm 17 weeks 5 days today. We had our anatomy scan last Friday and both babies looked good. The scan did show a bright spot on Baby A's heart. My OB said this was a soft marker for Downs Syndrome, but since there were no other indicators present she wasn't worried. We did schedule a fetal echo for the end of August to get a better look at the baby's heart and see if the spot was reabsorbed. I also had the Quad Screening done and will get my results in about a week. I'm excited to share with y'all that we are having two little GIRLS!!!! I haven't started nesting yet.
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  • Snugly AelSnugly Ael member
    edited August 2013
    Update: I'm 36w6d today, we can say 37w. We have our c-section scheduled for next Friday, August 9 as baby A (girl) is breech and baby B (boy) is transverse. Praying that these babies don't arrive before August 9, as it's DH's birthday that day. Had some episodes of hospitalization as baby girl wasn't moving much. I've been in and out of L& D 5 times till now. Lol. Sometimes for contractions, and sometimes for reduced fetal movement. Braxton hicks contractions are getting worse day by day. I've been having trouble sleeping. Since the past one week I've been sleeping on my recliner. Walking seems to be something impossible to do, it feels as if I am running a marathon when I walk from one room to the other. I'm really happy and thankful to God for making this far. I never thought I would as I have a bicornuate uterus and I was also disgnosed with gestational diabetes in my second trimester. I feel blessed! Our only main concern is the twins weight. At 35w2d they were weighing 4 pounds (girl) and 5 pounds (boy). OB seemed a little worried. Hoping they'll gain some weight until their next growth ultrasound. Praying and hoping for the best. Keeping my fingers crossed!! :)
  • 17 weeks tomorrow, found out the babies are a boy and a girl which is super exciting. But I also found out that my cervix is a little but short and curved I have an appt with the MFM on the 13th which I am anxiously waiting for.


  • Hi all - intro'd below - but I'm due 11/14 with triplets (mo/mo girls and a boy), likely will not go later than 32.0 due to the girls.  Had my last normal OB appointment today before HBR, which was sort of a weird milestone.  Next week I have two MFM appts and then its off to the hospital.  I won't be seeing my OB again until I (hopefully) make it to 28-30 weeks when I can transfer back to my (very good) local hospital with a level II NICU, where she will be able to deliver me.  If we go before than it'll just be whoever is available in the 15 minutes notice we have that they're going to do it.

    QOTW: Yeah... my house is currently under renovation and we won't be moving in until its finished.  At this point that's likely after I enter the hospital - so zero nesting for me.  Thankfully - I have the most amazing husband and family, who are all gathering together to put it together for me and will send pictures so I can see what it ends up looking like. I suppose I'll nest up my hospital room!
  • Hi there! I intro'd a week or so ago.... but a refresher... I am an identical twin and I'm currently 7w4d with fraternal twins. EDD of March 15. I have a DD who will be 2 in September who keeps me busy, but to be honest I am so exhausted I count down the minutes until we can both nap! She is a great kid thankfully. I'm also nauseous all day long but have yet to puke anything up.

    My 2nd ultrasound is next Monday so I'm anxious to see both babies progressing well. Now that the shock has settled, I'm so excited!!!

    QOTW: My house was white glove clean when I went into labor with DD. it lasted a week after delivery. Haha. This time around should be interesting since we moved into a brand new house a month ago and our garages are still filled with boxes. I can't lift them but I can't wait to sort through them soon!

    1 Ruptured Ectopic m/c,
    1 Chemical Pregnancy m/c,
    2 rounds of Clomid,
    2 rounds of IUI,
    1 miracle BFP while waiting to start IVF!
    <p>~High five to my eBFF Chloe!~
  • Update: 19w3d today. Had our a/s last Thursday and both girls looked absolutely perfect weighing in at 8oz each (only off by 1 gram in weight). My pelvic pain hurts pretty bad. Mostly when I roll over in bed, but it also hurts to walk and cross my legs. I have my next OB appt on the 9th and then my monthy MFM appt on the 22nd. Looking forward to seeing how much they've grown by then. I'm also super excited because a girlfriend of my sisters who had twins a year ago is actually sending me her twins carseats as her gift to us. How sweet is that? That's a big expense we don't have to think about now.

    QOTW: Really haven't started nesting yet. We just moved so I'm still working on getting the house together as it is. I'm thiking of hiring a housecleaner for a deep clean before the twins come. But mostly I'm just searching online at nurseries and I set up my very small registry.

  • Wishing35Wishing35 member
    edited July 2013
    I've made it to 35 weeks! Baby a is vertex but baby b is still breech so we are weighing the pros and cons of c section vs vaginal delivery. I feel like crap lately but my BP is great and they are growing well, a is 5.4 and b is 5.6 pounds. My worst complaint is horrible acid reflux no matter what I do or take and I'm still getting morning sickness.
    QOTWY You know your nesting when.. You shatter the electric range top while cleaning because like an idiot you took a chair to climb on the counter and clean on top of the microwave. On the way back down I decided to kneel on the stove,, it is definitely not built to support my now 220 pound body!
  • I had an ultrasound last week at exactly 24 weeks. Both boys are measuring 1 lb 11 ounces! I asked the technician to clarify how the boys were situated so I could try to distinguish a from b and punches from kicks. Who knows how often they flip, but for now I like to think I can tell which movement is who and with which limb.
                         My fraternal twin boys. Born Sept 2013.
  • Hi all - I'm new to the check in! Just found out on Monday that we are expecting di/di twins, due March 19th. They are a result of IVF (transferred 2 5-day blastocysts and they both stuck).
    Me: 28, DH: 30
    TTC since January 2011, Moderate MFI but mostly unexplained
    Missy Makes...

    IVF #1 (w/ ICSI):
    6/26/13: 20 eggs retrieved
    6/27/13: 17 eggs mature, 16 fertilized with ICSI
    7/1/13: transferred 2 early blasts
    7/3/13: 2 blasts frozen, grades 5CB
    7/6/13: 5dp5dt, BFP on HPT
    7/10/13: 9dp5dt, 1st beta = 149
    7/15/13: 14dp5dt, 2nd beta = 937
    7/29/13: 1st u/s, TWINS!!!

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  • We are all good over here. Had a ton of bleeding last week but US showed both babies looking good!

    QOTW: You know your nesting when, you make your DF move your entire toddlers room to the guest room in less than 3 hours so you can start making his old room the nursery! My poor DF I am so impatient!

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  • I'm new but have been lurking on and off for a couple of months. I am currently 21 weeks 7 days with mono-di twin boys due Dec 5. I already have a 5 year old girl and a boy that just turned 1 on Monday. Needless to say its about to get crazy! 

    My pregnancy has gone really well and everything is looking great with the twins. I only have the expected woes, such as sore back and legs so I have been very lucky.

    I haven't started nesting yet so I can't really answer that questions but I am looking forward to hearing about all the upcoming twins and gaining advice on how to tackle 2 at once.
  • KaloramaKBKaloramaKB member
    edited July 2013
    17w3d today. Everything went great at our A/S scan last week and we found out we are having a boy and a girl. My MFM put me on heavy duty iron supplements for my anemia and it made my constipation much worse. Had painful bloody stools (sorry TMI) on the second day of the supplement and was diagnosed with internal hemorrhoids. Turns out 20-50 percent of pregnant women get them around 6 months but the twins make me advanced - oh joy. 

    QOTW: You know you are nesting when you spend two hours organizing your medicine closet into clearly marked sections for specific ailments because you are convinced once the babies get here you you won't have time to search through everything. And then you get annoyed at DH for not being more impressed by how organized everything is now. 

    BFP #1 on 12/15/11 but missed m/c with d&c on 2/1/12.
    BFP #2 on 5/1/13 = boy/girl TWINS with EDD of 1/3/14 but expected no later than 12/20/13.
  • My csection is scheduled fpr Monday! I'm so ready to meet these boys. :-)
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  • New to multiples im 9 weeks due march 6th and it's too soon for genders
  • Update! Well not really much to update...just sounded more exciting that way.

    32 weeks (tomorrow), both boy and girl twins are good to go. Kicking and settling in nicely. I go for another ultrasound next week. One is oblique and one is transverse, we'll see if she flips around for me. 

    Nursery is mostly done, just some artwork that needs to be matted and hung. I have a monster in the closet that needs to be eradicated so we can store some of the gear. Waiting on the glider and then I'll be set!
  • Hello. I am new to this board but I found out a couple of weeks ago we are having twins. I am 8 weeks and originally due March 17 but assume that will change in the coming weeks. Glad to be here with all of you.
  • Hello. I'm both excited and nervous to be joining this board. I am 7 weeks and just found out I am expecting twins. Trying to come to terms with all of this but I am feeling blessed. I'm 25 and a RN living in the Chicagoland area. Thoughts and prayers for all of your pregnancies!
  • Hi there,

    I am new to this but have been looking for something for expecting moms if multiples!! Very excited to say I am 16 weeks pregnant with mono-di twin boys! It was a huge shock because my husband is also an identical twin but we are so excited!! We already have a precious two year old girl so this will add some more fun to our family!! The boys are due January 20th!! Just ant wait to see these precious babies!!
  • Hi!  I'm at 21w3d, found out last Wednesday we are having 2 little boys!  I don't have the ultrasound picture with me or I'd include it, but we didn't get any that were very clear anyway.  :(  Still, we're happy to have found out what we're having!


  • DW and I had our 16w appt on Monday. Everything looks good. This was a growth visit and a cervix length visit.

    Both babies are measuring around 16w (Monday was 16w4d). And the cervix was nice and long.

    While doing the growth measurements the sonographer asked us if we wanted to know the gender. We said yes, and she said "well, baby B is a boy". And looking at the screen, it was pretty obvious. "External plumbing" was the phrase the sonographer used.

    She said that Baby A might be a girl, but she shouldn't quite tell yet. So we'll find out for sure in a couple more weeks.

    Next appt is in 2 weeks, another cervix check.

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    27w3d and doing OK. I just barely failed my 1 hour glucose test so now I have to go back Thursday for the 3 hour test. Not happy about that at all. I'm worried about a gestational diabetes diagnosis and that drink is so nasty.

    Otherwise, things are going well. We're finally making progress on the nursery and the babies are building up quite the wardrobe. At my husband's extended family's request, I set up a registry last weekend. Of course, these are the same people who demanded a wedding registry and not a single one of them bought anything off of it. They gave generous money gifts instead; maybe they didn't like my plate setting? They probably won't like my cloth diaper picks either.
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  • Hi there!!! I'm so stinkin late in replying!!! We're 20 wks today, they verified at anatomy scan last week that it's two little girls and both are doing great!! Time to start the decorating!!! Seems like there's so much to do and not a whole lot of time left!!!! Heartburn is horrendous and I'm still pretty tired often (especially diluting what seems to be growth spurts) but other than that I can't complain except that I wish I could stay on my feet longer wo getting worn out!!!! So exciting reading all of the updates!!!!
  • Hi I'm new to the multiples board!  I'm am 17w1d so my EDD is January 15, 2014.  Our A/S is August 12 so coming soon we can't wait to find out!
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