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Mariam's Birth Story - Easy Labor; Difficult Recovery

After a complicated pregnancy, Mariam was born on 7/25/13. Throughout the pregnancy, we had many unexpected issues. Being a healthy 26 year old with no health issues or family history of pregnancy complications, I was surprised when I was diagnosed with GD, IUGR, and then preeclampsia.

Thankfully, our precious baby girl was born perfectly healthy at 6 lbs 6 oz. and19” long.

We went in to begin a scheduled induction at 39 weeks. On 7/24, we checked into the hospital at 8:30pm. The plan was two rounds of cervidil, sleep through the night, then start pitocin in the morning. Well, once cervidil began I went straight into active labor. I was progressing very well and the doctors never gave me any pitocin. My contractions were in a doubling and tripling pattern with no breaks, so there was no sleep for me. I asked for my epi, but the nurses wanted to try morphine first. 5 minutes after morphine began, my water broke and those tripling contractions laughed in the face of morphine.

At 4 cm, I needed that epi. They gave me a “light” one which was perfect because I could still feel my contractions and fetal movement. At 1:45pm, my doctors told me it was time to start pushing. I couldn't believe it! I thought I would be in labor for a day or two due to the induction. I pushed for about 15 minutes and Baby Mariam arrived! My husband had not planned on staying in the room for pushing, but he got excited and he even cut the cord. The pictures we have of him right after Mariam’s birth are the happiest he’s ever looked.

This next part of the story is a little traumatic and disturbing, and I want to reiterate that everyone is healthy now. However, I do want to warn any expectant mothers that I experienced a very rare post delivery complication. Please don’t read ahead if you feel it might make you paranoid/upset/distressed.

About 15 minutes after delivery, I started shaking uncontrollably. I had a fever and as they were stitching my tear, I was hemorrhaging.  One doctor came in and asked my husband if I looked “paler than normal”. He agreed I did. That doctor became angry with my delivery team and started yelling at them. I only know this because DH told me. I had blacked out. They agreed I needed a blood transfusion immediately. They sent DH away with Mariam and he began to feed her and take care of her as I was comatose. After the blood transfusions, I was also given antibiotics. I had septic shock. I sort of  awoke and they were using an u/s monitor and finding pieces of placenta left behind. I was told I needed an emergency D&C. My epidural was gone and the Mad Doctor had decided that it would be too unsafe to medicate me anymore. I was so exhausted when they wheeled me into the OR.

Afterwards, DH confessed he thought I was going to die. In that OR, I thought the same thing. Looking up at the bright lights, I just imagined it being the last image I’d ever see. I felt so horrible that I might leave my husband and my baby before we’d ’had a chance to be a family.  Fortunately, I was so exhausted from L&D, I slept through the D&C. The nurse who held my hand said she was glad I did because even though I was sleeping I almost broke her fingers.  I was diagnosed with chorioamnionitis and  bacteremia .

I’m glad we were in a very good hospital, because 2 days later everyone at the hospital commented that I looked like nothing happened. I am so happy to have survived this whole ordeal and to have our beautiful bundle of joy home at last.

The only issue we’re having now is that my milk supply is still low, so we’re still supplementing Mariam with formula for now until her weight is up and my supply increases. That’s a small price to pay for surviving those complications. We had a long, difficult road but it was totally worth it in the end.


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