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2nd pregnancy

This is my second pregnancy. My first ended in an emergency c - section. The current ob office I am going to don't practice VBAC since I am new to the area I just chose the nearest ob office due to convenience. I was fine with the repeat c - section because it will be planned and since my family is 1400 miles away they will know when the baby is born. My ob also told me that due to the reasoning behind my first c - section I am welcome to switch practices and try but it will likely end in a c - section anyway. I am now starting to have second thoughts and terrified of having another c - section especially without the extreme labor pain to take away from the pain of the epidural and keep my mind occupied. I know in the end I am the only one who can make the final decision but does anyone have any advice?
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Re: 2nd pregnancy

  • My advice is to do your research. Many providers, especially those who won't do VBACs, will tell you that you'll just end up with another c-section. Don't let that be the reason. Why did you need a section with your first? Seriously, do your research. Contact your local ICAN chapter if you have one. I realize that I may end up with another c-section and I'm okay with that. But I'm gonna try everything in my power to avoid it and at least give myself the chance to have a vaginal birth.
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  • I 2nd doing your research. If you do the research and still go the way of RCS because you feel it is best for you (not because the doc says you'll have one anyway, and not because it will be easier for your family) then cool.  But if you just sign up for the surgery without looking at options you could end up questioning your choice forever.
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  • Are you a good candidate for a VBAC. My situation was baby just went into distress not that she got stuck or I didn't dilate. My pelvis was big enough and I was making progress fine, she just stressed out. If this is something you want to consider, I would find a doctor who does VBACs then at least you have that option.
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