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Does mucus mean cold?

My 4 week old has been seeming increasingly congested in the am and I have thought it was reflux because it typically resolves itself by mid morning well this morning he sounded awful so I used the nosefrida and got a big piece of snot/green mucus and then just some clear stuff. Does anyone know if this means he has a cold or if this can still be normal newborn congestion? I plan to call pediatrician when they open. My baby was so happy after I was done sucking all that out, he smiling like crazy and I swear he was going to laugh.
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Re: Does mucus mean cold?

  • My daughter was really congested at about a week old and lots of gooey snot could sometimes be suctioned from her. The pediatrician checked her out and said her lungs were clear so not to worry that it might be caused by being a summer baby inside with the AC. He recommended saline drops a few times a day and we also starting running a humidifier near where she sleeps. Seems to have improved but slowly.
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