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Successful Induced VBAC Story

I gained so much from this board I'd like to give some encouragement back!

I went in to be induced at 41 weeks 1 day. I had GD and trying to VBAC, the combination scared me so I requested the induction. It was a hard decision as inducing leads to a CS more frequently. I was scared of both inducing but more scared of going another week. I had been having BH contractions and some real ones too so I didnt feel like I was starting at zero like last time.

When I arrived at the hospital Tuesday morning I was at 2 cms, 70 percent effaced and soft. We spoke with the nurse and midwife about continuing the induction, the risks and what the plan would be. When we all (mostly DH) was comfortable with everything we started with a foley bulb. It wasnt that bad. A little pain but it did start contractions. I had back labor the whole time. :/

Since we wanted to take it slow and we were hoping the foley bulb would jumpstart labor we didn't start pitocin until around 5:30pm or so. It was only at 2 and the increases were done every 45 minutes or so. Highest we got was 8.

I used a new birthing ball they had called a peanut because it looked like a peanut! That thing was awesome. They also had a small one that went between your legs when you layed down. That was awesome too!

My DS came to visit so I got in bed so he wouldn't knock me off the peanut. I was
feeling the contractions but they werent bad. Maybe a 4. That is until i stood up! They got to 3 e minutes apart almost instantly and i could no longer do anything but breath through them. I tried so many different coping techniques including the tub. If it had just been the contractions I could have handled the pain. I was shaking so bad from the adrenalin that I couldn't rest between them. I ended up getting the epi. It was a great decision!

I ended up needing benedryl since the epi made me itch bad. So i got to nap. My DH tried to nap too and everyone left the room. My FIL took DS home, MIL and aunt went to the waiting room, my parents who had just arrived from San Diego went to their camper that was on hospital grounds. DH took a benedryl too as he was having trouble sleeping. Shortly after that at around 1:40am my water broke. I woke to the feeling of dripping! It was awesome to have happen on it's own. I continued to nap but woke around 3 with the urge to push. The midwife agreed and they put up the push bar while my MIL, aunt who was doing the birth photography, and parents all came rushing back! Poor DH. He asked if I could wait to push he was so tired. I laughed at him.

I ended up pushing for less than an hour. Towards the end I reached down to feel her head and it was so awesome. It alsp helped me to know how to push since i could feel the effect my pushes were having.

Haleigh Jean was born at 3:49am and she was perfect! She weighed 8 lbs 6 ozs and 21" long. Hopefully a picture will be here to reward you for reading through all that!
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