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Post p. clothes

Where are you finding post p. clothes? I don't want to spend a ton on clothes that I will hopefully not be in for long if lose weight! I have tried ON and target already. Just need basic things for everyday wear and nursing convenience too.
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Re: Post p. clothes

  • I am not much help since I am smaller now than before I got pregnant, but have you tried thrift stores?  I have found some really nice stuff in them.  In fact that is where I bought my maternity clothes. I have also bought a lot of my nice church and every day clothes in them.
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  • Kohl's has really good deals sometimes. I love their t-shirts. 
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  • I'm still wearing mostly maternity clothes too, with a few nursing tanks I bought at Target.
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  • I'm still wearing about half of my maternity clothes too...ones that can pass for like normal clothes too. I'm going to see how long I can get away with wearing them so I don't have to buy too many new things and waste the money. Yes, I know this is bad, but oh well. The weight is coming off, just a lot more slowly than I thought it would. :(   But yeah, I would say Target, TJ Maxx, AJ Wright, anywhere you're not going to have to spend a ton for some key pieces.

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  • I'm wore maternity pants, leggings and capris for about 6weeks after. I'm stil in a larger size and haven't been able to kick these last 20#s. nursing tanks are my BFF and I wish I had bought more

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  • still wearing the clothing I wore when preggo

  • I'm back in my pp clothes but is say target has a great selection.
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    Macys! Load up on coupons and hit the sale racks. I just got back into my pp clothes, but I really liked the Inc. brand for my transition.
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  • I got my nursing tanks from kohls. I love them and pretty much live in them. I'm still wearing maternity pants because I really don't want to buy new pants/shorts right now.
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  • I live in nursing tanks and yoga pants.

    And skirts w elastic waistbands when I need to leave the house.

  • I am in the same boat, right now I am wearing nursing tanks and a lot of yoga pants, capris, some shorts from old navy. I am just hoping I can fit into some of my pre pregnancy clothes before the colder weather kicks in. In the interim I am keeping my eyes open for online sales at old navy and the gap.
  • I wore my maternity clothes until about 6wks post. At 8 wks post, I still have about 10 lbs left to lose, and my pre-preg clothes don't fit at all. I just bought a couple pairs of shorts, and I'm still wearing my maternity tanks.  
  • I am wearing some maternity clothes yet---or nursing tanks/tops.  Go for stretchy black pants!  I always like the "give" they allow you vs. jeans right now. 

  • I'm still wearing maternity capris. I had a few loose tshirts before getting pregnant that I'm wearing.  And I bough a few tank tops and tshirts at Walmart and Target. Still have 15 lbs to lose and haven't even tried to lose it. I need to do something tho!

  • I'm stuck with an extra 20lbs myself.  I bought 2 pairs of larger sized shorts since I had nothing but winter maternity clothes that fit me.  I had been wearing those until this past week when I had to start back to work.  I bought several pairs of work pants and tops at Chicos when they had their 45% off sale.  If they wouldn't have had that sale, I would have stuck to Target or Ross for clothes
  • I went to gap outlet and nabbed a bunch of roomy tanks and tees for super clearance. I live in these, plus my full panel maternity jeans (good for controlling the little jiggle :) ) and my stretchy band shorts. Target is great also, love their clearance. I went there and got a few maternity shirts that don't look like maternity shirts, like, without the shirring down the side seams.
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