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Hey guys! Team green turned Pink!  Kaitlyn was born Friday at 6:37pm.  8lb 10oz 21.5inches.  She is absolutel adorable and has a full head of dark hair!  My inducton went smooth and relatively fast.  We are so in love with her.  DS is just trying to figure it out, but I'm pretty sure he loves her already.  here are some pics:

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Re: Its a....

  • Oh my goodness congratulations!! She is absolutely beautiful! I am so, so happy for you!! 
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    Yea! So glad everything went smoothly for you. Congrats!
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  • Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I am SO happy for your Lisa! I feel like I knew she was a girl? Did I call girl early on? I'm always right, so I'm sure I did! She's adorable! I love her  :x

    How are you feeling? 

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  • So sweet! Congratulations!!
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  • YAY!!!!! She is so precious! Glad everything went well! :) Congrats!!

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  • Yeah!  Congrats and what a great name...but I'm kind of partial. :D  She's beautiful.

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  • Yay!! Congrats!! What a beautiful girl! I'm so glad it went so well. I hope the transition for your DS is as smooth as can be.

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  • Congrats!!!!! How exciting :)
    She's adorable as well.
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    Yay!! Congrats, she is beautiful! I have been checking in periodically to see if you had posted, but just saw this now, so excited for you.
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  • Thanks, guys!

    I'm feeling well, just trying to adjust to life with 2 little ones. 

    I still can't believe I had a girl- I was convinced she was a boy my entire pregnancy. 

    DS is starting to love on her, we just have to work on him being gentle- he gets so excited and just grabs her.  I'm trying to work on balancing my attention to both equally but its very hard, especially with the demands of a newborn.  Luckily, DD seems pretty laid back (so far) so its been as smooth as it can be.

    Thanks everyone for thinking of me :) 


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  • Congrats
    Amanda and Mike~ 06/07/2008

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  • Yay congrats!!! She's beautiful!


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