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Therapist and vent

I have been such a mess since Thursday when I found out the news that LO had stopped growing. I have had nightmares, uncontrollable crying episodes, anger and guilt. I know this is normal but I needed some advise to cope with this emotional roller coaster that I have been riding.

I thought by sharing it might help you all too. My therapist said take 10 to 30 minutes a day and focus all these feelings into one task. Ideas were journaling, drawing, walking, lighting a candle and sitting alone in a quite place, hitting a pillow or what ever it is you feel could help let the emotions out vs keeping them bottled up. She said if you do so this daily the process should be over in 2 to 4 weeks. You should be able to think more clearly and not feel so empty anymore.

Tonight I started with a good cry and a talk to DH. I feel scared and not sure I trust my body. I want to try again but I'm so fearful of another miscarriage and the hurt it could leave behind. Thanks for reading.

Re: Therapist and vent

  • I think that your therapist gave you some good advise. Thanks for sharing. I've found that blogging about my miscarriage has been therapeutic for me. It's good to just try and put all of the emotions I'm feeling into words.

    I hope that you are feeling better. 

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  • Ive received similar advice from our therapist. She said the intent is to try not to let the feelings consume you all the time, and by using your "outlet time" you are still releasing the feelings. Ive found that listening to a good crying cd had helped me.

    I hope that you find something that helps you. I am sorry for your loss. ((Hugs)).
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