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Downtown DC: Best nursing spots?

We'll be "tourists" in the city this summer, so I'm looking for some of the best spots to breastfeed my little one.  She hates being fed in public (flailing of the cover, super noisy, etc.), so it would be great to know a few places that don't mind or are more nursing-friendly.  I'm thinking chairs in restrooms or quieter sections of museums, food joints with booths, etc.

I'm even open to suggestions for pumping friendly bathrooms in museums/restaurants, etc. 

Re: Downtown DC: Best nursing spots?

  • I'm more of a nurse anywhere we please type of person so I don't have any tips except to lower your modesty level a bit. I seriously nurse, with or without a cover and change diapers wherever I am. I'm a STM and don't have the luxury of being discrete anymore.
  • In case anyone happens to be in my boat, we did find a few places suitable for nice days.  Hope this helps!

    *Near the Lincoln Memorial?  Walk just a little bit (past the food kiosk) towards the Potomac River.  We found a great tree which provided shade, privacy, a beautiful view, and the chance for some toes in the grass.

    *Strolling past the American History Museum?  All around the museum are little inlets with built in "coffee tables" and on the non-street sides there are even some benches.  If you need a little shade, throw a blanket on the ground and you can lean up against the walls.  We ate our lunch back here and only saw two people walk past!
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