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For crying out loud! UGH! Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

UGH...So I had a baby shower on Sunday, and my best friend came with her three year old.  I received a text last night that her son was diagnozed with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.  Today, I got an email from my son's daycare saying DS was crying b/c his mouth hurts now....they didn't see any sores or anything. I'm banking that he has it now.... :( Anyone else experience HFMD?  :(  I'm worried being pregnant too....I read that it doesn't generally affect adults. Just one more illness to stress over these final few weeks :(
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Re: For crying out loud! UGH! Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

  • My dd just got over it. She was a bit fussy for a couple of days but that was about it. We had a mild case though. Dr said she just had a spot in throat.
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  • My DD got it when she was 18 mos old, it wasn't too bad for her, I thought it was ant bites at first on her feet, but then I got it, and I didn't feel too bad (as far as fever,sore throat) but the hand and feet blisters were quite painful, I hope you don't catch it! From what I read adults don't generally get it, my DH didn't, I was just lucky :-)
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  • My DD got it when she was around 15 months and it sucked really bad for one night.  She just would not stop crying, from the pain (sores in mouth).  We took turns holding her through the night. Went to the dr. the next day and was diagnosed and unfortunately we had to just let it run it's course. My DH and I did not get it.  
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  • Ds1 got it when he was 15 months and it mostly just made him not want to eat, just nurse. It wasn't that bad, just annoying. DH and I both got it and it was bad for us, we both didn't really eat for a week because of nausea. Also a really small percentage of men who get it also get swollen and painful man parts. I was the lucky household where my husband and then my son got the added symptom, so it was more like hand foot mouth and balls around here. The complaining from DH was probably the worst part of it all.

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    HFM is pretty darn common.  Right now it's going around my city and I have a bunch of mama friends with kids with it right now.  My DD has had it and her's was super mild.  My bestie's DD has just gotten over it and it was a bunch worse for her. 

    The kids are actually able to be contagious for WEEKS!  You really can't do a lot about it.  They are contagious before the sores show up usually so...
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