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Pediatric and daycare advice

Hello all.  This is my first pregnancy and I don't have many resources for advice.  I have been looking online and I feel like I am not getting anywhere.  I live in the Glasgow/Bear area and I am looking for pediatrician and daycare options.  I am a teacher and I am trying to figure out if there are daycare options that would allow me to take care of the baby in the summer, but go to daycare during the school year.  Are there any recommendations?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  

Re: Pediatric and daycare advice

  • I live in Dover so I can't help with pediatrics, but I did ask my friends for suggestions and the nurses at the OB/GYN were very helpful too.  We love who we picked.

    As for daycare, ask your fellow teachers.  Our neighbor is a teacher and they use a home daycare that caters to school teachers.  Not sure if you are open to that type of daycare.  I wasn't at first, but the home daycare we are using is amazing and my opinion is officially changed.

     Good luck.  I just had a baby 3 months ago and all these questions and changes are nervewracking.  Go with your gut always.



  • Thanks for the advice.  I will check out the home day cares.
  • Hi...Our pediatrician is Dr. Murphy with First State Pediatrics. Love him!!! :-)

    As far a child care, each center is different regarding summer tuitions. I am a preschool teacher and the center where I work doesn't require you to pay anything in the summer. I have heard of others where you pay something in order to reserve your spot .
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  • How far along are you? Oh and I live in Bear too. :-)
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  • Thanks Kim for the advice.  It is nice to hear that I might have some options when it comes to the summer and daycare.  I am due Nov. 24th.
  • We also use Dr. Murphy. I would highly recommend him too!
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