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My VBAC Success Story!


Hi ladies! Just wanted to let you know I had my little peanut--a boy, of all things! On the same day and almost the same time as the Duchess, so I hope we're not stealing her thunder too much. A few scattered thoughts I want to share, which are relevant to one board I post on or another:

1. You CAN go from zero dilated to full blown labor very quickly-- it happened to me over a period of 4 days.
2. VBACs are awesome--I'm so glad I went for it. And that it worked out!
3. I had cleared the heparin out of my system long before I was fully dilated. My last shot of 10,000 mgs was about 2 hours before I started feeling timeable contractions, and I had the baby 11 hours later.
4. Contractions that are regular but only last 30 sec each should definitely be taken seriously!!
5. Team green was worth the wait ! I nearly caved every single day, but am so glad I didn't.
6. Epidurals are an elixir of the gods. I got one at 4cm and it was smooth sailing after that. If I could get one every day I would.
7. Stitches in your vag are no joke.
8. Circumcision is no joke, either! Make sure your SO is prepared for the sight when he goes to change the diaper!
9. If you're unlucky to get a supermodel for a labor and delivery nurse like I was, just remember that your SO is probably not paying too much attention at that moment.

Happy, healthy babies for all!!

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