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11 Weeks Pregnant

Anyone else want to drown themselves in lotion?

Feel like I just can't put enough on! My skin is always dry and itchy. The back of my right hand is so dry and scaly. Yuck!

Re: Anyone else want to drown themselves in lotion?

  • Me too. Seems like since I found out I was pregnant my skin has been way drier than usual. Especially my hands.
  • Dry skin means boys
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  • I already know I'm having a girl and I am dry itchy and rashy! It's my only major inconvenient pregnancy symptom but my lotion is not enough! Can I use cortozone cream or benedryl? Ugh!
  • I know the feeling. I feel dry and itchy all the time at the mo. I'm 11 weeks and have my 3mth scan on the 17th. Has any 1 got any idea 4 names. As 4 I already have a little girl of 3years called codie alexa and she wants to name him or her pink lol. Also my pregnancy was a hell of a lot different to this one. I keep getting little pains in my tummy. Did any one else.
  • Use all natural organic coconut oil... It's a life saver!
  • They say that's a sign of a boy!
  • I have been using baby oil then adding lotion. I do this right before bed and it seems to help.
  • I use a product called dermHA Therapeutic Creme.  I used oils, cocoa butters, and other cremes with my first pregnancy and reapplied during the day, but I still had alot of itching and felt hot and sweaty in the summer.  With the therapeutic creme it's not greasy at all.  It's very hydrating, calming and it beats the itch (from skin stretching). I haven't had to reapply it.  I put it on as soon as I get out of the shower and a little bit goes a LONG way!  I also apply it to my breasts.  You have to try it.  The website is  They also have a gentle face and body wash that hydrates while cleansing and doesn't have irritating fragrances or perfumes.  A little goes a long way with this as well.  I love it because they both are great as face and body products!


    Mrs. Greenaway
  • Talk to your doctor about taking a high DHA fish oil this issue has to do with supply. Deficiency should be avoided.
  • My skin is very itchy! My belly, and legs especially. But I've heard to not scratch because that's what can lead to stretch marks!!! Lovely huh??? :
  • Remember that dry skin and hands is a sign of dehydration. Even if you feel you are drinking an adequate amount of water, your body may require even more as it is working overtime. Ask your doctor is whatever amount you are drinking is enough.
  • I make a scrub out of coconut oil, honey, sugar, and lavender oil (just for scent). I use it in the shower and you don't have to use lotion after. Coconut oil is seriously the best all natural organic (pretty cheap too) thing for your skin. I havent had any dry skin issues at all!
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