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My kid would eat all the ______ if I would let him!

Charlotte would eat all the blueberries if I would let her!

I will put 6 or so on her tray and they are gone in less than a minute.  I have to wait until her other food is gone, or she'll just demand more blueberries and ignore everything else.  My mom wanted to take her to the farmer's market for fresh blueberries, and I told her to make sure Charlotte is strapped down.  When she sees the blueberry container in the fridge, she gets SUPER excited!

What are your kids downing like there is no tomorrow?  Any other blueberry fiends around these parts?

Re: My kid would eat all the ______ if I would let him!

  • yogurt melts
    grilled cheese sandwiches
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  • Jacqueline would totally eat all the blueberries, she loves them so much. She would also eat all the cheese, and steak. She's a really great eater, but she eats her favourite things first and sometimes yells and throws the other food around.

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  • Puffs (any flavor)

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  • Another blueberry fiend here!!  he gobbles them up!  Really any fruit (besides bananas).


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    Baby #2!

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  • Mac and cheese... We go out to dinner as a family most Sundays and he always gets his own side of mac which he scarfs down in about 3 seconds flat!

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  • My kid would eat all the nectarines! And all the meat!
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  • Any type of fruit. His favorites are mandarin oranges and any types of berry. 

  • lol, is food in general a legitimate answer? He seriously will eat anything, and A LOT of it.
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    Watermelon! When D eats blueberries he eats the inside, spits the skin back out, a then he laughs.
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  • Cheese!  DS loves cheese.  Hotdogs too.  He is a total meat/potatoes type of boy, which is weird because the girls hate potatoes to this day, and it took them quite a while to come around to meat.  For the longest time, if the meat wasn't grilled by daddy, they wouldn't eat it.

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  • String cheese! She eats any meat and cheese immediately then plays around with the fruit and veggies. Silly girl.
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  • Hot dogs. Before you flame, they are turkey dogs, he only gets them once in awhile, I peel the skin off, and cut them into bite sized pieces.


    He also loves any carbs.

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  • Cheese! All cheese all the time!
  • Anything really. But when I show her Im getting watermelon out she gets SO excited.
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    Mac and cheese, apples, and baby carrots!

    Oh and grapes! Loves him some grapes.

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  • strawberries and watermelon! This kid has a fruit fetish.
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  • A blueberry fiend over here!!! Nicholas freaks out when he sees them in the grocery store. Heloves most fruit and gets excited for bananas puffs and cheese
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  • Lint. She'd pick my rugs clean if I let her and she puts each piece in her mouth more daintily and accurately than any food she's ever had. Second to that would be shredded cheese.
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    Blueberries and shredded cheddar


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  • Bananas...she could eat the whole bunch if I let her.
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  • Bananas, broccoli, mussels and salmon. (and cake... :-S)
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  • Sounds like my kid loving cheese isn't unusual. She does a little dance when she sees it :) She also loves bananas, but I have to be judicious with them because they stop her up.
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  • I also have a paper lover. It is by far V's "food" of choice. S will eat absolutely anything and in massive quantities.

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  • Paper?  Liam loves to eat my grocery lists, wrapping paper, exam room table paper....

    Oh, paper is far and away DD's favorite, as well!
  • Cheese, peas, and spaghetti! Dss would be chicken nuggets!

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  • Cherries, she'll eat them faster than I can get them pitted for her

    I want to get cherries because I know DD would love them, but I don't want to pit them! I am lazy.
  • Strawberries.
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  • Sweet potatoes! I am surprised he hasn't turned into one!
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  • DS1 would eat watermelon all day everyday if I let him.  DS2 would probably eat those Gerber cheesey puffs non stop if I let him.
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  • Peas or paper!
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  • Fish, zucchini, blueberry pancakes
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