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Pregnancy scare or not?

Hey ladies! Aabout 2 1/2 weeks ago my husband and I had unprotected sex during my ovulation period. I had just finished my period the week before. A week after sex my breasts started to become unbearable sore & achy which has never happened to me before (because I know this can also be a menstrual cycle effect) & stayed sore for about a week 1/2. My body has been acting abnormal.....& I just have a gut feeling that I am pregnant but then again it could all be in my head because I want it to happen. I have taken several pregnancy test but they all come up negative. I'm thinking it could still be to early to tell since its only shy of 3 weeks (3 weeks after unprotected sex will be this Friday) or I'm just not pregnant. What do you ladies think? Thanks for your help!

Re: Pregnancy scare or not?

  • I would wait and see if you don't start the day you should start then take the test again most test now of days can pick up pregnancy rather quickly. I was a day past my start date when I took the test and it started turning positive as soon as I stuck it in the cup. I was 4 weeks pregnant! If you take another test and it negative........One huge thing which I know is way easier said than done but don't stress over trying to get pregnant live your life like you do normally and you will end up prego in no time honey. I hope this helped you a little I have lack of sleep and headache.
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