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E is 8 1/2 weeks. In the last two weeks she has started drooling, like a lot, as well as chewing on her pacifier (and my nipple, ouch..)
When i feel her top gum I feel this hard thing just in one spot. My mom said I got my teeth early. Is it possible she's getting hers? And how can I get her to stop chomping down so hard when.she nurses?

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  • DD is 8 weeks and just today I felt her bottom gums and there's a hard spot and I can see white under the gums. She has been drooling like crazy too and trying to put things in her mouth. She can't grab quite right yet but if I put her stuffed duck animal next to her she swings her arm so that he kind of falls on her and into her mouth so she can chew on him. She also bites her binkies and she'll stop sucking on the bottle just to bite it instead. I've tried to look it up and I guess it's possible but uncommon. According to two personal friends of mine, their LO's started teething in the 2nd month too.

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  • My lo is 14 weeks and I have noticed the same thing. I thought it was way to early though.

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