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New to this board and a question regarding Harmony test!

Hello! I found out I was having mo/di twins at 8 weeks. I'm currently 13 weeks and everything is looking great! My Dr.'s office did the Harmony test and my results came back today and I was low risk for everything which is GREAT news!! I was also kind of looking forward to knowing the gender because I currently have 2 girls and would like to know if I'm having 2 more or if we will change it up a bit and get boys! They said that the results didn't have the gender and they couldn't tell what they were?? I thought this was strange but didn't ask again because the most important to me was that they were healthy and I was just so relieved to find out everything was looking good. So my question to you is if you did the Harmony test could they tell the gender? Just curious!! Happy to be here!!

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  • My genetic counselor mistakenly informed me we could test for gender and sex chromosone abnormalities with Harmony.  3 weeks later they gave me all the results BUT the gender/sex abnormality because they couldn't run it on twins.  I wrote to Ariosa (the lab who does Harmony) to ask why in a monozygotic twin pregnancy they could not tell because it was similar to a singelton with the same DNA results, and this was their form response which I was not happy with: 

    "Unfortunately, the Harmony Prenatal Test is not validated at this time to run the Y and XY analysis on twin pregnancies. Gender is only reported out if testing is 99% accurate. At this time, the testing is not available on twins."   

    My DH checked with someone at work who does biology/testing, etc... and they said that they are probably not up to the 99% accuracy rate yet and therefore cannot release the results.  I was so disappointed!    
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  • Thanks so much! That's answers a lot of questions!!
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