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Off the Pill & Intro

Hi ladies, 

I've only been lurking the past few days but thought I should introduce myself as this place seems to be an excellent place for support and resources. 

I'm 28 and husband is 29 - we've been married for almost one year and have known each other for 6 years. I've been on a few different pills the past 5 years and for the past 3 years or so its been Sprintec - generic version of Ortho-cyclen. My husband and I have talked about TTC late 2013/early 2014. At the end of June I stopped taking my BC for a few reasons - I wanted to see how my body worked sans BC and I wanted to prepare by body to conceive (regulate my cycle w/o pills). So AF visited me from July 4-8/9 (induced by BC) and I am now waiting for her to visit again (hopefully any day now). I've started using FF  to track cycles so we know the timing to conceive. We only had unprotected sex twice in the past month so I'm pretty sure my chance of being prego are slim to none (more on the none side). I was freaking out this AM so I took a HPT and got a BFN which I was fine with - not sad or relieved, just 'eh'. Anyone else feeling this? I'm not sure if my body is attempting to get back to its "norm" state and I'm PMSing like mad or what. My hormones are all out of whack - also i got my first zit in what must be 5 years. WTF?!

Other question - for those TTC in the next few months - are you all ready taking a prenatal vitamin? If so, which kind? 

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Re: Off the Pill & Intro

  • Hello!  I just stopped the pill after taking for 15 years!  (I'm 31) I can't believe it.  Anyway, I'm still waiting for 39.  I've been doing opk just because I'm curious to know when/if I O.  The first week off the pill I felt terrible!!  I've had period like cramping since stopping - over 3 weeks now.  I just started taking nature made pnv.  good luck!
  • I agree with slappalicious. I stopped bc and started taking a prenatal on the same day. Coming off bc is a lot harder than I thought in regards to side effects. Last year one of my girlfriends was lucky and stopped bc at end of may and was preggers by August. Seems like you're on the right track with working on getting your body ready. Good luck!
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  • I also stopped taking BC pills at the beginning of July.  I started taking Nature Made Prenatal plus DHA vitamins at the same time.  We are waiting until Christmas to start TTC but I figured taking the prenatals now can't really hurt anything.  I've already noticed my nails growing much faster and stronger!  I had a normal withdrawal AF right after stopping BC like I would if I was still on it.  I've been temping and charting with FF since then and also used OPKs this first month just to get a feel for how to use them.  I ended up ovulating on CD20 (had a positive OPK on CD19 and confirmed with temps) and got my first post-BC period 5 DAYS LATER.  This stuff is the real deal, holy crap!!  I feel like I'm in high school again.  Besides dealing with the horrendous AF, I've been a little freaked out about having a 5 day LP but I keep telling myself that it was my first cycle off BC and praying that with each subsequent cycle my LPs will get longer so I don't run into a problem when we actually start TTC.  Sounds like you are prepared and doing everything you should be - temping and using FF!  P.S. My face broke out like crazy about a week after I stopped taking the pill.  But it is all cleared up now!  Best of luck to you!!
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