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Feeling pressured to get on a schedule

Dd2 is only 4.5 weeks old, but my mom and other family members keep saying I need to leave both girls with them so I can get some time to myself, which is so nice of them. However, DD2 has no semblance of a schedule and is EBF so I have no idea how much to send for a bottle. Also, DH has tried giving her a bottle and she won't take it(or a paci). The thing is, I'm totally fine with letting her take her time to get in a rhythms of eat & sleep times. With DD1 I just let her do her thing until it was time to sleep train. I guess I'm just wondering how many of you have/had a one month old on a schedule?
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Re: Feeling pressured to get on a schedule

  • My opinion is that they're too young at that point to be on a true schedule. I am an advocate for eat, activity, sleep at that age.

    Just tell them that you're still enjoying your time with LO and they'll be the first to know when you're ready for some alone time b

  • We started working on a schedule/routine at 3 weeks.  It worked for our family and priorities and he was STTN by week 8 (though according to the Pedi, he wasn't STTN, he just had learned to soothe himself and get back to sleep without waking us).

    Either way, this is what was best for our family and it made it a lot easier for me to know when he was really hungry, or just tired, or whatever.  It probably helped that he's been a super easy baby (I'm probably in for it whenever #2 happens).
  • When LO was not even 2 weeks old, my MIL insisted that I choose a night that week for DH and I to go out to dinner while she watched LO. I was really uncomfortable with it, so I basically just ignored her offer and never even told DH about it. My baby had absolutely no kind of schedule or routine at that point, and was all over the place with how often she wanted to nurse. Now at 8 weeks, she's a little more predictable, but refuses bottles so I will not leave her. People have good intentions and want to help, but if it doesn't feel right for your family, you don't have to accept. It's more important for you to be close to LO and keep nursing to establish your supply.
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  • I think in general, it's better for babies to set their own routines and schedules than to force them...
    If you can pump some, I would just feed DD before you leave, and then leave a bottle with 2-3 ounces in it, and plan to not be gone more than 2 hours or so...that way even if LO won't take the bottle, she'll do ok since you won't be gone too long.

    (Your comment about "time to sleep train" also confuses me....you're not required to sleep train if it's not your thing....)

    Thanks everyone! My family has made me feel like such a weirdo about this! And the comment about sleep training is for later down the road. I think DD2 is too young now, but I will want to get her on a schedule in a few months if she doesn't fall into one on her own.
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