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Breastmilk & Caffeine

Has anyone noticed when they cut back on their caffeine intake their lo's sleep better? My little guy is 5 weeks and he's up to eat every 1.5-2hours, which i know is still pretty normal for this age. I drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning and I'm wondering if cutting it out would help. When I researched it I came across tons of different theories, so that makes me interested in your experiences. Not having my morning coffee makes me sad, but worth it i guess if he sleeps longer. Thanks!

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  • I still drink my coffee, my large mug every morning. Haven't noticed a difference in my LO. He is sometimes up every 2-3 hrs to eat, others I get 5 hours. The only caffeine I have is in the morning. I don't drink any throughout the day.
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  • I drink coffee every morning and have since I went back to work.  I have never noticed any affect on LOs sleep.  According to levels are quite low (0.06-1.5% of maternal dose) and usually peak 1-2 hours after ingestion.  I think you are fine to drink it in the morning but I would avoid it in the afternoon.

  • I drink diet coke both morning and evening and haven't noticed a difference. Except that I'm crabbier without it.

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    I drink coffee only in the morning or early afternoon. I tried to see if it affected LO's sleep one day by going without coffee, and the only difference was that I had a massive headache.

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    I only have 1 cup, but it's after I put DS down for a nap.  I crash in the afternoon if I don't have it.  I have noticed that when I have a more concentrated cup (from my Keurig), that he doesn't sleep as well at night.  He's fussier to go down and earlier to get up in the morning.  

    Every baby is different.  I don't think my DD was as affected by caffeine as DS is.  GL!

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  • I don't have caffeine every day, but I haven't noticed any changes in my LO on the days that I have coffee or a Pepsi. I think if the caffeine truly affected her, I would definitely notice a difference since it's not something that is a regular part of my diet. Just my unscientific theory ;)
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  • Thank you all. I pump as well so I'm guessing ill need to cut it out to see if it changes.

  • I had to cut my caffeine intake. E was fussy and extremely too alert during the day until I cut coffee and tea. Now I drink decaf tea. GL!
  • I think this is baby specific.  I'm really sensitive to caffeine and so is my little guy.  I rarely drink caffeinated beverages, but while nursing I couldn't have more than one cup of coffee and tea and nothing after lunch or he'd be up at night, wide awake.
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