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Sleep questions

My boys are 4 weeks and 1 day today. Currently, they sleep in rock n play bassinets in the living room at night and my husband and I take shifts sleeping on the couch. This is working for now, but its really not a long term plan. At what age did you move your kids to their cribs? How did that transition go? Any books anyone would recommend or sleeping suggestions? When did you start trying to get your kids on a schedule? Right now they eat, nap, etc basically when they want, though we do pretty good at getting them to eat at the same time. I welcome any and all input!
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Re: Sleep questions

  • We moved their RNPs from our bedroom to their nursery around 11 or 12 weeks, I believe. We moved Andrew into his crib a few weeks after that because he started trying to fling himself out of the RNP and our hand was forced (WAY earlier than I was prepared for!), but we left Will for a while. I want to say it was closer to 5 months before he was fully sleeping in his crib at night. 
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  • No help here... Would love to see the responses. We are in the same boat but my girls are 8 weeks! They sleep in their swings in the living room and one of us is on the couch. Not looking forward to the transition because they are STTN!
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    My guys came home at 17 days from the NICU- then slept in a PNP in our family room with me on the couch until they were around 4 weeks.  Then they were in their separate cribs in a shared room.  They started STTN (12 hours) at 12 weeks. 

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