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Help...from bottle back to breast

The Pediatrician had me pump and feed my LO due to lack of weight (wanted to measure his intake).  LO ended up having GERD reflux and was fighting both the bottle and breast due to discomfort.  LO is 8 weeks today and we now have his GERD under control with medications.  I am allowed to go back to breastfeeding, but he is refusing the breast.  Does anyone have experience with getting LO back to breast after being bottle feed for 3-4 weeks?  I need help!!!

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  • I would contact a lactation specialist I have never had the problem you are having I've had the opposite problem with my babies refusing to take a bottle
  • I had a similiar prob, I used a nipple shield to help with the transition and then weened off that. Now LO goes between bottle and nipple seamlessly, without the shield.
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    For the first 7 weeks, I pumped and LO was bottle fed breast milk and formula.  For us, it was because she refused to latch in the first place, which is what I guess your baby is doing now.  It honestly just took time.  A nipple shield might help you. I hated it, but my LO would latch onto it before she would take the breast.  When I was trying to get my LO back on the breast, I was advised to try it after a bath, ideally I would get in the bath with her and do skin to skin with the water (google "rebirthing" for latch issues).  I never did try this but it might help you, even just lots of skin to skin contact without the water. 

    Basically I just tried to be patient and try to nurse maybe once a day, and if she fought it I didn't push the issue.. and one day she literally woke up and started rooting for it, and I never had to pump (or even supplement!) again.  You can do it, just keep trying!

    ETA: My baby is now 12 weeks old.  I think the new Bump ate my siggy.

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