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Wondering if any MoMs have had maternity pictures taken? I was just curious how far along you were when you went ahead with the photo session? A good friend of ours is an amazing photographer, she did our engagement and wedding photos and she is thrilled about doing "bump pics" and then newborn pictures once the twins are born. I am trying to schedule a day with her in the fall, but obviously I don't want to get too far in to the pregnancy and be completely uncomfortable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA

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  • I had mine done at 26 weeks, and it was perfect.  Any later and I would have been pretty uncomfortable and not feeling very pretty. 
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  • I was around 25 weeks. It was perfect because I still felt good and was able to get on the ground with no problem.
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  • I'd agree with the others. Mine were at 32 weeks and by then I was already really swollen and couldn't wear my normal shoes. It wasn't the end of the world, the photographer kept the shots above my waist and they turned out great, but I didn't feel that attractive at that time. Luckily the stretch marks didn't appear until the following week!
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  • I did mine at 34 weeks, which was pretty much the last possible point that I could have done it and not been completely miserable. I really wanted to capture just how enormous I got, and boy, did I ever. But it was a gamble, as lots of folks have already had their babies by that point!

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