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Hi ladies, 

My husband and i have finally decided that come January 2014 I will be going off birth control and will be trying to get pregnant..I was researching a few "what to do before trying to conceive" methods, like booking doctor appointments, dentist appointments, getting proper vitamins. I am just wondering if i could get actual advice from ladies here on what they have done or what they did before trying to conceive. I know January is a ways away, but i would really like to start looking into all this so i have some sort of idea come the time of. 


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  • Thank you for taking a few minutes to write back :) i appreciate any advice and help i can get along the way.
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  • Welcome and GL. I got off BCP in March and started TTC in June. Some people go right back to normal some take longer...in hindsight I wish I had gotten off BCP sooner to give my body more time to adjust before I wanted to TTC. I am still waiting for my period to adjust and lengthen to pre BCP normal. Just wanted to give you my experience so you can think about if you want to start TTC in January you might consider getting off BCP sooner and using a back up method or charting to avoid pregnancy until January. 

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  • Thank you for your advice. I just figured i would finish my birth control in January then the prescription is up. 
  • At my annual exam is when I discussed ttc with my doc. All she said was to begin pnv a few months before ttc and asked if i had a cat due to kitty litter issues which i didn't so it wasn't a big deal. She also suggested a dentist appt if i was due for one. After a year with no luck, then out would be a good time to see a doctor
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  • Thank you for the advice. I will be looking into Fertilityfriend.com, as well as the book you suggested. I have found a few pretty knowledgeable books on my kindle for it, but one more could not hurt. :) 
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  • I started taking prenatal vitamins and fiber with extra folic acid (so about 800 ML a day of folic acid) one year before we started trying to conceive.  Obviously there is no way to ever know for sure, but I think it helped us conceive quickly (only took two months of trying) and it helped our baby girl develop correctly.  Of course, beautiful and perfect babies are born every day whose mothers started taking vitamins after they found out they were pregnant.  But I just wanted to get a head start and get my body healthy as early as possible. 

    I also stopped my birth control one year before trying and we switched to condoms instead.  I had been on birth control for 15 years and wanted to give my body time to figure it all out. 

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  • I wish I would've stopped BCP earlier...my cycles are really messed up. It's frustrating to want to "try" and not have regular cycles!
  • I got off BCP last month and we are going to start TTC in November/December. I've been on prenatal vitamins for a few months and plan to continue. I also bought a basal thermometer and some ovulation predictor strips, and read all few hundred pages of the online manual on Fertility friend. :) We switched to condoms while I take these few months to figure out my cycles post BCP. I have an appointment with my gyno next month (it's an annual, but I plan to discuss my TTC with her as well). Also counting my calories at the moment and taking advantage of this time to try to drop a few pounds. :)
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  • Hello :) I too will be going off BCP in a couple days and actively TTC starting nov. I would say yes to learning to temp and chart, don't know about you but I'm a control freak and love to plan everything out so when i read about this i was soo happy! My preconception appt. was also kind of a waste, unless you have a medical conditions like pp stated you could hold off. I just purchased my PNV and bbt thermometer today so good luck to all TTC! :)@nannabee21 our plans are so much alike lol and I too am in the middle of getting healthy and trying to lose a few pounds these nxt few months, it's great motivation! :)
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  • marie914 said:
    I wish I would've stopped BCP earlier...my cycles are really messed up. It's frustrating to want to "try" and not have regular cycles!
    Try charting BBT. Chances are your cycles are more regular than you think.
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  • At my annual physical I told doctor we were planning to ttc. We discussed my current medications and how things might be affected by pregnancy. I switch to a prenatal about 6 months before we ttc and started charting to figure out when I was ovulating. My doctor also ordered blood work and made sure my vaccinations were up to date.
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  • I got an ebook from Amazon called What to Expect Before You're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff and it's a really good book. There's parts in there just for the guys too. It was $6.99 USD I think and really really really worth the read. Good luck :)
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  • Thanks everyone, @nikkiborge, i have purchased that book on my ereader (oddly enough it suggested it after i finished reading 50 shades of grey LOL) Thanks for all the advice ladies, i have written down all the suggestions and site links and i do not feel as worried as i did before. So thank you :) 
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