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My doctor is out of providence in Livonia assuming she does deliveries at the novi location had anyone delivered there before? And what was ur experience?

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  • I haven't delivered there but I will be next month :)  I just went on a hospital birthing tour, it seems nice.  All private rooms, babies stay in your room the whole time. Couch bed for hubby, fridge in room. 
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  • I delivered there, had 2 good nurses and 2 bad nurses.. as in they took my baby from me and fed her formula when I wanted to EBF. Also, its been 4 mos since delivery and still getting bills. They charged me and my daughter 2 different room fees bc we are 2 different people even though it was the same room. Awful. The bills keep coming for ridic things such as 'attendance' whatever that means. Good luck.
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  • I did not deliver there but the only complaint I've heard is that there is no option to for baby to stay in a nursery. I realize most parents want babies to stay in room but apparently that is the only option in Novi.

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  • I had my daughter there two years ago. She was a preemie and stayed in the Special Care Unit for a month. I myself had good and bad nurses, (which you will find anywhere, IMO), but overall was happy there.
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    To update, I delivered there last week.  The night nurses were really good, the day nurses were not so great. Seems like they were those most senior ones. Overall it was a good experience. The doctors for the epidural were great, I barely felt anything. 

    They were really busy when i was there. I know when I was leaving they were 2 rooms short for mama's to be coming in.


    Good luck! 

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  • I delivered there 2 years ago. I had a great experience.  My son did go to the nursery each night from 12a-5a.    
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  • I had my first baby there back in April of 2011 and had a wonderful experience, so much so that my husband and I opted to stay an extra day.  My husband and I were even impressed by the food.  I thought that every single staff member was excellent and I mailed a "thank you" letter to all of the nursing staff to let them know how great they were.  Also, the lactation specialists were amazing and really helped me out a lot, since I had my baby 4 1/2 weeks early and struggled with nursing.

    I plan on having my second baby in October and look forward to returning to Providence Park of Novi.  

  • I delivered there last year.  Overall, it was a good experience.  I will agree that I did have a mix of great nurses and a couple lack luster.  The nurse I had while I was in labor never checked on me, hours would pass before she'd show up and then say she had sent someone else to check on me because she had been on break.   I did have a great experience with the epidural folks all around, fabulous.  As someone mentioned it was well over a year later though I was still getting bills and we always pay ours immediately.  I called and asked when we would see the end of the bills and was told that they legally have 2 years to send bills.  Food was good.  We kept our DD with us the whole time but they do give you the option at night to send the baby to the nursery, but that is the only time. 
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