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petuitary micro adenoma...HELP!!

Has anyone else been diagnosed with this? My doctor said it is what is probably causing my issues with getting pregnant, but honestly, all I heard was BRAIN TUMOR and I just went blank! I know that its non-cancerous and treatable, but after a year of trying with no success, this setback seems like another gut wrenching hurt that I just cant handle!

Re: petuitary micro adenoma...HELP!!

  • I wish it were soo simple.Although yes highly treatable, my doctor said that if removed I face a 90% chance of it returning  :(
  • Well, it all started with a cut in my right nipple that was oozing white liquid. Then came the blood work, followed by an ultrasound and then an mri for final confirmation. Im not on a waitlist to see and endocrinologist to start medication to hopefully regulate my prolactin levels, hormones, and ovulation..

    Now the wait...

    I dont want to seemungrateful, I knowthat it could have been much worse andIamtruly blessed! But, after a year of BFNs-it just hurts!
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  • I hope I get the same results *fingers crossed*
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