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Does the doctor decide if your having a c-section/Natrual or?

I've been thinking alot about having a baby lately, and just curious who decides how you will deliver the doctor or is it personal preference?
I would like to deliver naturally, but  my mom had a c-section with both kids I'm 5'5 weight 120 lbs  I always think i will probably too have to have a c-section.
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Re: Does the doctor decide if your having a c-section/Natrual or?

  • If you want a vaginal birth (that's the preferred term) then you can probably have one.  Most OB's recommend a c/s for breech birth.  Otherwise, the ACOG recommends a trial of labor unless the baby is estimated over 11 (or 12- I can't remember now) pounds.  

    I am 5'6" and 140 pounds and had a 9 pound 7 ounce baby vaginally no problem.  A fried of mine is 5'0" and 100 pounds and had 2 babies over 8 pounds vaginally.  I'm a firm believer that unless you have gestational diabetes or other medical condition that causes large babies, your body will not grow a baby that is too big to be delivered vaginally.
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  • Cart WAY before horse here.

    Height and weight don't determine whether you'll have a Cesarean or not alone. There are far more factors, such as breech, emergency c-sections, too large to deliver vaginally (or too narrow of hips), a life-threatening situation to you/baby or even just personal preference.

    They can't "make" you have one unless you or your child are in danger. You have birth plans and set your preferences on every factor of your labor, with the awareness that you may not get all of what you wish due to unexpected situations in the moment.
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  • I agree with what the PP's have said and suggest you check out the Natural Birth board for more information. There is a lot more to labor then vaginal or c-section, and reading the stories/experiences of other moms can give you a lot of insight.
  • My mom is a little shorter than you and weighs about 100 pounds, and she not only had three babies vaginally (two 9+ lbs, one 8+) she didn't even have any drugs! Like PPs have said, it's more about your pelvis than your height and weight. If your pelvis has a normal structure you should be able to deliver vaginally, unless your baby is simply HUGE or medical emergency calls for a C-section.
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  • Agree with others. Your size doesn't determine how your baby will be born. My BFF is 5'1" and weighed 86 lbs pre-pregnancy. She was able to deliver an 8+ lb baby vaginally. Women have been doing this forever, even tiny ones. Relax!



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