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Love/Hate relationship with the swaddle

Is it normal for babies to cry at being swaddled?  My baby will cry and fight at being swaddled but calm down and fall asleep within five to ten minutes afterwards.  She will jerk herself awake at night which is why I started to swaddle her in the first place.  With the swaddle, she'll sleep seven, sometimes eight hours straight through as opposed to the three or four she might get if I don't swaddle her.  I hate to see her fuss and fight, but I know her sleep is important, too.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Don't know if I should give it up or not...

Re: Love/Hate relationship with the swaddle

  • Yes, my daughter does this but falls asleep much better and sleeps much when swaddled. It's good for them. My daughter is now 3 months and has been pulling her arms out each night on her own. I let her and she still sleeps well. I think this means she us transitioning out of swaddling.

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    My LO also struggled and fights it, but his arms wake him up when we don't, which is too often.
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  • Yes, we're big fans if the swaddle in this house.

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