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Whew, progress!

Last night, for the first time ever, DD1 woke up without crying, came out of her room and into ours, and very calmly and briskly told me that she had to go the bathroom. Then went, although I helped her turn on the light. 

This is great progress! She's been night-trained for awhile and doesn't have accidents, but as recently as a few weeks ago would just wake up sobbing if she had to go in the MOTN and be completely unable to articulate what she needed, and stay in her bed until DH or I came to get her and escort her. As far as she was concerned, "stay in your bed" was an ironclad rule no matter what, no matter how much we explained exceptions for using the bathroom -- but something about it clicked this weekend and she gets it now. 

I'm relieved (ha, pun intended). Eventually she's going to be able to do this without needing permission just like she does in the daytime, it's so good to feel like I can sort of "see" that point even if we're not 100% there yet. 


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