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Dr. Drollinger in Kettering

I just found out I'm expecting and am looking for an OB.  Has anyone seen/delivered with Dr. Drollinger? He was one my endo recommended.

Re: Dr. Drollinger in Kettering

  • Just lurking but saw your post and wanted to comment. I have heard wonderful things about him. He gives out his cell number and you can call/text him at anytime. I am at a large practice now and will switch to him before I ttc2. I know about 6 or 7 women that have done the same.
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  • Great, thanks!  The receptionist seemed very friendly, which is always a good sign.

  • Uhg im currently seeing Dr Dorsey, at Advanced OBGYN by the dayton mall. Im very unhappy with him though, he doesnt answer my questions and is always to busy to stick around for more than 3 minutes. Its awful ! Im in search for a new doc asap! Would love to hear your experience with this doc if you went with him!
  • I love him.  I actually had a CP shortly after making this post and saw him immediately.  He was great and told me as soon as I got pregnant again he would see me.  The next cycle I ended up pregnant again and he got me in right away, did bloodwork and started me on progesterone.  I am 13w and will be going in tomorrow for my NT scan.  I don't know if this pregnancy would have had this outcome if he wasn't so diligent.

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